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But there is ONE future royal who may actually be bringing Ballet Slippers back — Meghan Markle.

meghan markle prince harry
photo: Getty Images

it’s certainly possible that for her engagement appearance, Markle was wearing Ballet Slippers.

meghan markle nail polish
photo: Getty Images

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That looks like a very pale, opaque, pinky-white polish to me! And if you zoom in, you can even see some of the tell-tale streaks that let me know that someone didn't go heavy enough on that second coat!

Yep – this looks like Ballet Slippers to me.

We'll just have to watch the fingers of royalty to find out more about their nail polish preferences.

photo: Getty Images

Let's all promise that if we, plebs that we are, ever meet any royals, we'll just ASK them what color nail polish they wear. Because honestly, who knows?