Kathleen Lights seems to have had a major falling out with her KL Polish nail lacquer brand, and her loyal fans have so many questions about exactly what is going on.  

The beauty influencer launched KL Polish almost three years ago on December 5, 2016, with six nail polishes. Over time, KL Polish has churned out a number of in-demand products while maintaining a large and loyal customer base.

Per an announcement from Kathleen Lights on her YouTube channel, the brand is officially dissolving. Kathleen Lights and the other co-owners of the brand are parting ways. 

As it often goes with beauty industry drama, the social media banter surrounding the shutdown has gotten incredibly messy. 

Fans have been suspecting trouble in KL Polish paradise for several weeks.

"There's talk about KL Polish shutting down. Can you PLEASE confirm this isn't true @KathleenLights," a worried fan asked on the KL Polish Instagram page.

Still, everything seemed to be all good in January when the brand posted a sweet birthday note for its namesake founder. 

"Happy birthday to the beautiful @kathleenlights. Everyone go wish her a happy birthday," the caption read. 

The following week, Kathleen Lights posted a YouTube video to inform her KL Polish fans that the brand would be ending. 

"Disappointing my subscribers is the last thing I ever want to do, which is why I know this is so important," she shared. "There have been a lot of questions and concerns about KL Polish, things I have been reading for the past few weeks … The rumors are true. KL Polish is ending, but I don’t want you guys to worry."

At the time, Kathleen Lights could not say much else about what exactly led to the end of KL Polish.

"I am not the only owner of KL Polish. I am not the only owner of this brand," she explained. "And because of that, I really can’t go into details as to why or how or any of those questions I know you guys have."

At the time she did assure her fans that an explanation will come when she is legally able to do so. 

The KL Polish brand confirmed the split with a very shady post.

"Kathleen has left the chat," the post read. Post-and-deletes are quick, but screenshots are quicker. 

Kathleen Lights fans immediately began freaking out in the KL Polish comments section on Instagram. They are very sad that one of their favorite nail polish brands is over.

“Your nail polish releases have always been beautiful and @Kathleenlights has done such an amazing job along with the KL Polish team," one fan lamented in the comments. "I will miss seeing new collections. :( xx I trust Kathleen tho and hope this won’t be the end forever." 

They are also very pissed at the other people behind KL Polish, who they blame for the breakup.

“Y'all made a HUGE mistake and are shady af," another fan shared. "Now you’re really going to be going out of business as if you weren’t already. I’m always going to support KATHLEEN, not any foul play business. Y'all are going to get ruined, can’t get away with this. No thank u, NEXT.” 

Others are speculating that KL Polish pulled an underhanded business move to try to fire Kathleen Lights from her own brand.

“Based on these comments, if they are true and you guys are edging @kathleenlights out of HER nail polish line, you will be losing os many paying customers," a fan shared. "She is the heart of the company and deserves better than this. Thank you, next!”

They also DO NOT appreciate the shade that KL Polish directed towards their fave. 

“We did see the post you made that said ‘Kathleen has left the chat.’ JUST KNOW. If Kathleen is gone, we are all “leaving the chat,” too. Thank you, next," a fan warned KL Polish.

On Thursday, Kathleen Lights sent a warning in her Instagram story, seemingly directed at KL Polish.

The Instagram story is a video of Kathleen Lights gleefully singing the same "Don't Mess With My Man" song that Kim Kardashian sang to shade Jordyn Woods last week. 

Lights changed the lyrics to "Don't mess with my brand," which definitely suggests that some funny business went down between her and the rest of the KL Polish team.

Additionally, Lights has already created an Instagram account dedicated to a NEW nail polish company. The profile photo and first post simply say, "Coming 2019." 

"Keep me where the light is," the bio reads. Lights sure didn't waste any time! 

Meanwhile, the KL Polish website has marked EVERYTHING for sale.

"Everything's on sale! Get your faves before they’re gone," the caption reads.

The brand has marked down single polishes, bundles, and the hand lotion.⁣ Everything must go!

Kathleen Lights has promised fans that she'll soon reveal what actually happened that led to KL Polish dissolving. 

"Hey guys... I’m looking at comments over at KL Polish and I don’t want you guys to assume a bunch of (inaccurate) different things without watching my video first," she shared on Twitter. "So please! Be kind to one another & just be patient! No need to comment things on the IG... Video coming soon." 

Lights confirmed in another tweet that she will address the issues in a video due out this Saturday.

While I'm sure her fans will be ready to drink whatever behind-the-scenes tea she spills, it seems they're just relieved she isn't done with the nail polish business forever.

Lights Lacquer is on its way, and fans could not be happier.