Kathleen Lights Lights Lacquer
photo: Instagram/KathleenLights

Kathleen Lights is surely no stranger to drama, and after this year's split from her self-titled brand KL Polish, she's proving that bouncing back is really no issue for her. After what could be considered a messy breakup of sorts, the YouTuber is launching her own nail polish brand that appears be arriving very, very soon. 

Will Lights Lacquer have the same success as KL? We guess only time will tell. 

Earlier this year, Kathleen Lights' self-titled nail polish brand announced that she would no longer be a part of the team. 

In a rapidly deleted, quite shady post, the nail polish brand declared, "Kathleen has left the chat." Rumors swirled as to why the YouTuber, whose initials are literally plastered across the packaging, would be parting ways with the successful polishes, leading everyone to think that there was serious drama. 

Lights dropped a video discussing the matter soon after. 

She clarified that she was not the sole owner of the brand. "Disappointing my subscribers is the last thing I ever want to do, which is why I know this is so important," she shared. "There have been a lot of questions and concerns about KL Polish, things I have been reading for the past few weeks … The rumors are true. KL Polish is ending, but I don’t want you guys to worry."

And while KL Polish is still standing, the split lost it quite a bit of support. 

"Based on these comments, if they are true and you guys are edging Kathleen Lights out of HER nail polish line, you will be losing so many paying customers. She is the heart of the company and deserves better than this. Thank you, next!" one Lights fan wrote under the deleted KL Polish post. 

But in February, it looked like Kathleen Lights was rebranding, at least kind of. 

She showed the power of the bounce-back when she revealed that a new nail polish brand, Lights Lacquer, was on the way. "Coming 2019," the February post read. 

And last night, for the first time since then, an update appeared with story highlights being added to the page. 

Have no fear, Lights fans! It looks like that polish is coming very soon. And with only two months left in the year, we're anticipating a launch as soon as the next few weeks. A nail upgrade for 2020? Sounds fantastic!