kim kardashian nails
photo: Getty Images

Kim Kardashian makes beauty trends happen. From the rise of extreme contouring to the omnipresence of lash extensions, she and her famous family have helped popularize every big beauty look of the last five years.

But I'm seriously hoping that her latest manicure, which she debuted on Snapchat, doesn't catch on. Because it is HORRIFYING.

Yes, those ARE long, square-tipped violet nails WITH MULTIPLE HOOPS PIERCED THROUGH THEM OH MY GOD.

"Khloe would be SO proud of me right now," she said, as the rings through the nails jingled together, and I threw myself straight out a window.

Something about the holes and the metal clinking just sets my teeth on edge.

Seriously though, *can* we blame Koko for these nail-holes? When Kim wore a (fake) lip ring, Khloe rejoiced. "HOW DOPE is my sister? You're a badass bitch, Kim!"

Lip rings = good. Nail rings = terrifying.

Luckily, these nails are only temporary — Kim has also been sharing some behind the scenes pictures from a ~secret project~ and, like the blonde wig, these pierced nails are probably part of it.

kim kardashian bts
photo: Kim Kardashian / Snapchat

Whatever this project is, I hope it doesn't involve much typing. Or picking things up. Or eating. Or really anything except posing — can you IMAGINE those hoops getting caught in your hair?


But as we all know, Kim is a major trendsetter — so friends, I hope you're ready to pierce your fingernails again.

kim kadashian nails
photo: Kim Kardashian / Snapchat

I tried to pierce my nails in high school, and it went really badly — the hoop got caught in the zipper on my jeans, and ripped my thumbnail down to the quick. Ouch. Seems like Kim's press-on set is a much safer idea.

Or we could all just agree not to pierce our nails at all — that would be pretty great, too. Sorry, Kim. Love your new aesthetic, but this is one trend I just can't get behind.

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