photo: NBC

Often simplicity is key in manicures, and this is quite possibly one of the most minimal styles yet. 

Milky nails are slightly translucent, usually white manicures that look like a glass of skim milk was poured over your fingertips. The slightly opaque finish is so satisfying and simple. These are the more muted version of seaglass nails, which feature a similar style but with vibrant colors. Expect to see milky nails everywhere at the beginning of 2020 because it's starting to trend on Instagram. 

While it's still wintry outside, these nails are perfect for the season. Come spring, I'm sure we'll see new styles that are more colorful or include floral patterns.

These nails are more like strawberry milk than the normal style. 

These opaque, slightly pink nails feature tiny strawberry designs embedded underneath the polish. Inspired by the Starbucks Pink Drink, this manicure is simple and so cute. It also proves that a milky style doesn't have to be plain white. 

These milky nails glow in the dark, but in daylight look totally normal.  

Sometimes glow-in-the-dark styles have a green tint, but these glow milky nails look totally normal until you turn the lights off. The milk nail style features a slightly translucent white polish. These have that, but they also glow brightly. 

Or test out a matte milk mani. 

Many of the milky manicures glisten as if they're slightly wet. The matte version is just as cool, but is slightly more opaque. These pearly fingernails look clean and fresh. 

Obtain the perfect pearl white color with just a hint of translucence.

To pull off the manicure, you need a pearly white color that has a slight translucency to it. Your nail should look a little see-through. This manicure looks like they dipped their nails into a glass of milk.

When the light shines through, the nail stands out.

The see-through manicure trend seen in seaglass nails is trendy. When light shines on this manicure, the nails give off the illusion of being see-through. And that's what makes the milk nails different than any white nail polish. 

It almost looks like a more opaque French manicure.

The style varies from a more natural look. This one almost looks like an ombré French manicure. These nails look a little more pink at the bottom and transition to that gorgeous milk-white color. 

Add some glitter for the holiday season or the New Year. 

This manicure is complemented nicely by a few glitter accent nails. Change the milk style into a snowy one with this addition. These nails look like a winter wonderland. 

Or try out another intricate style with these vintage milky nails. 

One way to let the opacity of the nails stand out is by embedding delicate flowers under the polish. The matte polish looks like a vintage china set, and the flowers give the illusion that the nail polish is see-through.