monster manicure
photo: Instagram/@blueskyprnyc

When it comes to bizarre nail trends, we thought we had seen it all: Pom pom nails. Scorpion nails. Polish mountain.

Just when we finally felt safe from the nail absurdities, somebody awoke a whole new beast — the monster manicure.

The monster manicure — or "werewolf nails" — first appeared on the runway last February at the Libertine fall/winter 2016 show.

fur nails
photo: Instagram/@examplepl


For months we tried to block those terrifying talons from our minds, but the fur-ocious nails recently made a comeback for Libertine's spring/summer 2017 collection.

monster manicure
photo: Instagram/@janarnoldcnd

Jan Arnold, style director and co-founder of CND nail polish, created the look. 

And judging by Instagram, it looks like the monster manicure has become a full-blown trend.

monster manicure
photo: Instagram/@thenailchauvinist

Manicurists are covering the nail beds in faux fur to achieve that "fierce beast" look.

fur nails
photo: Instagram/@urbannailsinspiration

They simply adhere the fluff to each nail using a high-gloss top coat.

fur nails
photo: Instagram/@kingarrie

*hides children*

monster manicure
photo: Instagram/@wendyrgould

Fans of the trend are getting their monster manis in a wide range of colors.

fur nails
photo: Instagram/@aleksviolet

From pastel pink...

fur nails
photo: Instagram/@lukevsmith midnight black.

fur nails
photo: Instagram/@cunntclaws

Cue the howling.

Please excuse me as I cry real tears.

Because NOPE.

fur nails
photo: Instagram/@daniellemcclain824

I think I'll just stick to these fuzzy gloves whenever I need my fur fix.

fur gloves
photo: Instagram/@walking_in_passos

It's like having a monster mani without the maintenance. Because seriously, how do you even wipe with those furry claws?

Would *you* rock the monster manicure?

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