There has been some pretty absurd nail art, but beauty fans have decided that this account crossed the line. 

Nail Sunny, an account known for its wild nail creations, shared the video of its latest nail art creation  — cocaine nails. Followers quickly took to the comments section to share their dismay at the account's decision. 

Clearly this drug-themed look is not for everyone, or anyone for that matter. Try instead some ombré nails that are creative and a little less over-the-top. 

The wildly inappropriate nail art was posted to the account's Instagram TV.

The nail Instagram account shared a closeup video of the nail art. A silver disk with a white powdery substance is lined up and sucked away by rolled-up dollar bills — clearly indicative of cocaine. The account is under fire after posting the video because of the inappropriate content. 

The main concern was that the account influences young aspiring nail artists. 

The account lost followers from posting the video. One person wrote that the account should be more conscientious of its young viewers. "Reporting and unfollowing not cool at all there's young girls who are inspired to do nails and be nail artists...," the comment read. 

Another follower didn't think the video was that serious. 

"It's not that deep they are just nails. get over it," one person wrote in the video's comments. While it is just nail art, it's problematic and against Instagram's regulations to display drug use. The comedic element of this post is what let this account get away with it. 

One person pointed out the severity of drug addiction. 

One commenter went off on the implications of this post. Drug addiction is certainly not a joking matter, and this person felt the post was making light of what could be a serious problem. 

"This isn't funny, this isn't cool, this isn't creative... Drug use and drug addiction is no joke and not something to take lightly. It ruins people's lives and breaks apart relationships. To stand by something like that, even as a joke or pun is shameful."

YouTuber SimplyNailogical added her own two cents.

If the account was using real cocaine in the video, then it would be an even deeper problem. However, upon further reflection, it appears that the white powdery substance is actually powdered sugar — thankfully.

One person pointed out that in the rest of the video, it's clear the white dust is actually just powdered sugar. 

The joke of the video is that the white powder isn't actually an illegal substance, but powdered sugar to dust on the donut nail art that is on the remaining fingernails. Amidst the angry commenters, one person pointed out what they all were missing, "Y'all did watch the whole video right? Lol it's sugar sprinkled over donuts lol."

Even if it is meant to be sugar the whole time, the message is pretty clear. It's obviously making fun of cocaine use. 

In this still from the video, you can see the pastries decorated on the rest of the fingernails. 

After "snorting" cocaine through rolled dollar bills, the person in the video takes the remaining lines of white dust and sprinkles it on donuts, croissants, and other decorative pastries. The big twist in the video is that the white powder is not actually the drug but sugar instead. 

Nail Sunny is known for the absurd albeit creative and expertly applied nail art. 

From wildly inappropriate to comedic nail decorations, Nail Sunny certainly has a creative edge in the salon. This video shows the creation of a golden toilet filled with a mysterious dark liquid and a plunger attached to the other nail. 

The account asks its followers to share their opinions on their favorite creations. 

The nail artists at Nail Sunny are able to take an idea and completely transform nails. The skill and talent required is impressive, even if the art is somewhat offensive. From poop with flies swarming around it to literal penises with condoms on them, and now a dish with "cocaine" on it, it seems as if the account is unafraid to go too far.

The luxury nail salon is located in Los Angeles but was founded in Russia. 

The account's 2.2 million followers could travel to the Beverly Hills salon to get their nails transformed into works of art. The luxury salon features marble floors and large round golden mirrors. The studio is chic and classy, the exact opposite of what you'd expect from some of the offensive art work that has come out of it.