Ocean nails are here and self-proclaimed mermaids have got to play with this manicure trend at least once before the summer ends! Whether you want to pay tribute to the ocean waves, the sand, seashells, or your favorite marine animals — there's an ocean-inspired manicure that should send you straight to your favorite nail salon.

That's right! The nail trends just will not stop and why should they? It's such a fun way to express yourself no matter what time of the year it is. We had lava lamp nails last week for the 80s and 90s babies. Now, it's time to take your nails for a lovely dip in the ocean! Mermaids, let's do this! 

No more French tip manicures for a few months! Put ocean nails are on your docket, stat!

Why do plain white French tips when you can slay with this beautiful sea-themed manicure? Instead of the plain white stripe, this manicure turns each tip into a bright blue wave. I feel relaxed just looking at this ebb and flow situation happening here. Your nails can float on the sea even if you can't! 

Admit it. This seashell-inspired nail art is the stuff of mermaid lover's dreams! 

Seriously, where should I even start? I see sparkles. I see pearlescent clamshells complete with ACTUAL pearls. This manicure even has nails with the split between the ocean water and the sand. This ocean nail art is BEYOND gorgeous. 

Remember the marble nail art trend? Ocean nails inspired by the waves are a beautiful riff on that.

Oh. Em. Gee. This is for the mermaids who adore long, dramatic nails. Peep how vibrant this interpretation of the ocean shoreline is! I love how the marble nail design features a touch of white to represent how the waves foam up when the crash onto the beach. The seashell embellishments just make this manicure perfectly over-the-top. I can almost hear the waves coming when I look at these ocean nails.

These ocean nails celebrate marine life and the sea in one design.

How cute is this manicure?! These nails take on a mostly blue color but they do have an incredibly subtle ombre effect that's similar to how the ocean seems to melt into the skyline at the horizon. A single ring finger takes on the texture of a seashell. Meanwhile, the embellishments are seashells, starfish, and seahorses. 

Speaking of seahorses, check out this fun underwater scene. 

Two nails feature colorful seahorses. The other two nails simply show off the underwater vegetation. This is a beautiful take on the ocean nails trend. You'll need a nail tech who is super skilled at drawing intricate nail designs to pull this look off. Be sure to take this photo with you to the nail salon and show it to the people working there before they assign you to a nail tech's chair. If you already know a talented nail artist who can get this done for you, then that's even better. 

Want to try ocean nails but prefer nail art that you can do at home?

We get it! Save coins and create your own ocean nails at home. This design is actually much easier to pull off. You'll need white, gold, and blue nail polish. You may also want to order seashell beads or buy them from a local craft store. Give yourself solid white nails and solid gold nails wherever you choose. Then, give yourself at least one blue nail. You can paint it solid blue or mix blue and a teal color with hints of green to give off the look of actual ocean water. Then, use tweezers and nail glue to attach the seashell beads and boom, you have DIY ocean nails!

For simple ocean nails that you can do at home OR get done at the nail salon, try this style.

Go with blue French tips instead of the traditional white ones. Then, select one nail to add different sea-themed embellishments with nail glue. You can buy those embellishments for an affordable price online from Amazon or Etsy OR get them from your local crafts store. Another money-saving hack? Do your own blue tips and THEN go to the nail salon and have them just add the ocean-themed embellishments. 

Don't forget that you can always get these same ocean nail styles in different nail shapes. Also, DIY'ers should never doubt the power and ease of nail art stickers!

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