The new take on the transparent nails trend was inspired by jelly nails that look like the see-through sandals '90s kids know all too well. 

For those who are looking for a darker manicure trend, there are black marble nails that are so goth chic. But who says that fall and winter styles can't be pastel? The seaglass trend is an opaque manicure with a pop of color. 

Jelly nails were the see-through trend that took over the summer. Now these seaglass versions are the frosted, wintery option. 

A fall trend for those who already miss summer.

The summer vibes don't have to go away just because the sun sets much earlier these days. These brightly colored nails still have a wintery vibe to them thanks to the frosted nature of the manicure. Plus, they look just like gorgeous pieces of seaglass in the pastel shades. 

These versions have a spooky twist. 

This seaglass manicure features the signature opaque style with an interesting addition — the Monster High dolls. The adorable nail art fits in with spooky season for sure. Plus, the hot pink shade makes for a standout style. 

Add a little bling and glitter to be a true mermaid queen. 

No true mermaid would be caught dead without some glitter on their nail beds. This crystallized manicure looks like straight rose gold. The super-long tips are just barely see-through with flecks of glitter sparkling from underneath. 

This is the most gorgeous seafoam green color for the ultimate seaglass manicure. 

Refinery29 interviewed nail artist Jessica Washick for coming up with the new version of a glassy manicure based on summer's trendy jelly nails. "I was reminiscing about how fun the jelly-nail craze was... I wondered how that aesthetic could translate into the colder months, and the vision of opaque seaglass came to mind," she told the outlet. 

The trend is everywhere in a myriad of rainbow colors. 

Those who don't have talons quite as long as these can get glue on nail tips that come in a variety of styles and opacities. Or to create your own transparent shade, just mix nail polish with a clear top coat. Then paint that mixture onto your nails, let dry, paint a clear top coat, and finish with a matte top coat. 

The green outline is a simple but essential detail on this seaglass manicure. 

These nails look glossier than a traditional seaglass style, but they aren't clear enough to be considered a full jelly nail. Adding the simple green detail makes them mermaid status in my book. Regardless, they look absolutely classy and beautiful. 

This version of the manicure looks very natural and pretty. 

One of the most popular ways to test out the style is by going nude on the bottom and fully transparent on the tips. The glassy tips look totally like colorful pieces of seaglass found on a beach day. One person agreed, commenting, "They're gorgeous!"

Who says pastels are only for spring? 

I'm tossing all style rules out the window with these gorgeous styles. Sure, dark polishes and pumpkin manicures are the more traditional route for fall, but these pastels are too pretty to turn down. I love the simple checkerboard detail on these turquoise, periwinkle, and lavender nails.