Selena Gomez
photo: Splash News

Selena Gomez just dropped her entire new album Rare and a music video for the title song. 

The ethereal feel for the overall album is definitely reflected in the star's music, the video, and in her hair, makeup, and nails. Celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik has worked with tons of actors and musicians on creating the perfect manicures. Gomez has worked with Bachik in the past, and he celebrated her album release with the most fun nail art. 

Plus, Bachik was the creator behind her nail art in the "Rare" music video, and I think it's going to spark this year's nail art trend.

Bachik has often worked with Gomez on her manicures and nail art. 

At the Dolittle premiere, Gomez was looking like springtime and so fresh. So her stark matte white nails from Bachik matched that vibe. In the past, Bachik has given Gomez dark, maroon nails and worked with her on a variety of photo shoots and video sets. 

Bachik created the nails she wore for her "Rare" music video. 

The sparkly, magical vibes in her "Rare" music video were reflected in her glittering manicure. I think bigger is better this year, and glitter nails are definitely coming back. I'm here for the over-the-top style. 

But, they didn't look too crazy and were subtle and classy. 

The ethereal, magical, and whimsical mood of the music video inspired all of the makeup and hairstyles. The flecks of glitter stood out against the colorful, hazy backdrops. And it made Gomez's hands looks dainty and feminine. 

To celebrate the Rare album release, Bachik re-created the font art perfectly in nail art form. 

In honor of Rare, Bachik wrote out each letter of the album on a different fingernail. He captured the artistic style of the album so accurately behind a stark white background. "STOP!!!" Gomez excitedly commented on his photo, giving it her stamp of approval. 

Peep the nails and the rest of her gorgeous makeup looks in the music video. 

I'm here for all of the sparkles and moody lighting in this video. It might just be Gomez's most vulnerable. Bubbles, rainbows, and glitter are all abundant.