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Little plastic, liquid-filled globes are packed with glitter and charms, then bonded onto acrylic nails.

There seems to be a lot of Instagram debate about whether oil or water is better to fill the balls with — water doesn't get cloudy, but oil makes the glitter float better.

If you have a Thing about textures — as I do, apparently — these might give you horrors.

Here are but a few of the other nail trends that squick me out.

Hello Kitty has never seemed more cystic.

The snow globes can be REALLY big...

...or relatively small...

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But they're all DEFINITELY shudder-inducing.

Are they pretty, or pimple-esque?

I seriously can't decide.

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If you're like "Nah, too basic," here are FULL NAILS turned into snow globes.

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Though I appreciate the artistry that goes into creating them, I CANNOT with these.

Nail art shouldn't make me think of a dermatological condition! It just shouldn't!

While I weep silently in a corner, tell me: Do you love snow globe nails, or do you find them vaguely traumatizing?

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