***Warning: Spoilers ahead
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The tears from last night's wedding episode of "This Is Us" have barely dried, but an Instagram post from Chrissy Metz has us weeping all over again. 

Metz shared the sentimental meaning behind Kate's wedding nail art on her Instagram. And it's all just. a little. too. much.

Metz looked GORGEOUS in her embellished lace gown. The show highlighted how she tucked her dad's old drill gun into her cascading bouquet, but there was another tribute that wasn't mentioned on the show. 

Chriss Metz wedding look this is us kate
photo: NBC

Yup, those are Jack's initials on her nails! (Jack is her deceased father on the show.)

chrissy metz nail art wedding kate this is us
photo: Instagram/chrissymetz

"Honoring the beautiful relationship Jack and Kate always had, I decided to have his initials close to my heart," Metz wrote on her Instagram. "The nail color was my something blue."

Her "something old" was of course her dad's grill gun, aka the centerpiece of her bridal bouquet. 

Metz says the shade of blue is a mix of OPI's It's a Boy and Funny Bunny.

chrissy metz wedding this is us kate
photo: Instagram/ChrissyMetz

"It was such a process, because you have to think about practicality, functionality, what’s Kate’s taste, and the hair and the nails and the makeup and everything that any bride would think about. So, yeah, it was really fun. I had a wedding, but I didn’t have to pay for it or have a husband, so it was great," she said in an interview.


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