Most of us (myself included) have surely dreamed our entire lives of having gorgeous, long fingernails that are perfect for painting and nail art — natural ones. I am not exactly sure what it is about long nails, but they have always been such a point of desire for me. 

Maybe that's because growing out long and healthy nails (ones that don't break apart at the slightest touch) is really, really hard. That goes especially if you're like me and you resort to chewing your nails the second you feel even the barest hint of stress approaching. 

Me? I've learned to stop biting and chewing my nails and cuticles by wearing excessive Band-Aids and getting a lot of gel manicures that are invincible to my dirty polish-picking habit. With the help of vitamin B complexes, I've been able to grow my nails just past my fingertips for the first time in my life! Yay!

That being said, I'll never reach this woman's level when it comes to nail length. Meet Shilenkova Elena. Her nails are FIVE INCHES LONG. She has an Instagram account dedicated entirely to her life with insanely long nails — it might make you rethink those nail growth goals of yours.