There are times when simple, sweet nail art just won't cut it. That's when witch-inspired nail art comes into play, with all the dark, rich, stunning visuals one can throw a wand at.

These looks are, simply put, completely magical.

Whether you want simple or wild; subtle or total luxurywitch, there's a witch-inspired nail art style here that will delight your heart. Here are 54 gloriously glam witch nail art ideas to get you started.


A pentagram and crescent moon is pure glamour.

We're also loving the oval shape of these stellar nails!


Graphic shapes, bold blue accent nails, and an elongated pentagram? Perfection.

Sometimes more is more and in the case of these gothic-inspired case, it's just the truth!


This black and white set is SO stunning.

The ombre-effect and the squared off tips make it that much cooler!


Beige and black = minimalist witch nail art goals.

Maybe you didn't think beige was all that witchy, but you thought wrong.


Rounded nails can be fun too!

Just take a look at these shiny obsidian nails with the all-seeing eye symbol.


These constellation nails will enchant you.

The stark contrast between black and white is totally witchy!


This nail art, mixing ouija board symbolism with pentagrams, is spooky and cool.

The beige-neutral background color is so unexpected, but we love it!


These pastel moon queen claws are girly goth glamour at its finest.

Who said goths can't wear color?


A graphic accent nail brings magic to sacred geometry.

This cool, cool color combo is so clean and edgy.


And this neon rune nail art GLOWS.


This is so simple, yet so elegant!

witch nail art
photo: inspirednailnbeauty / Instagram

It really works with the shredded boyfriend denim aesthetic.


A black and gold reverse glitter ombre is extremely *chef's kiss*

Especially when paired with a Wednesday Addam's approved frock!


Graphic tarot-inspired nails are in the cards...

It's definitely an enchanting look.


Feast your eyes on these lizard-textured beauties!

These talon-like claws are just mesmerizing. 


Because every Wiccan goddess deserves nails that honor her spiritual heritage.

These are simple but they are definitely evocative of something spiritual. 


These nails look like smoky crystals!

And we'd like to see them in 100 different color stories please and thank you!


Simple. Stark. So stunning.

We love how long and pointy this particular set is.


Let the stars guide your way...

To the most killer gothic nails, you've ever had.


The detail on these gothic witch nails is UNREAL.

Can I get an AMEN for nail jewelry?


And these matte red and black talons are so immaculate, they belong in a museum.

The matte finish is expertly executed to perfection.


Look at how simple and delicate this stunning black nail art look is!

It makes us want to dip our fingers in a can of black paint!


Have you ever heard of bone nails? Now you want them. Not sorry bout that.

They are intoxicatingly cool!


Black and glitter is always the right choice.

Especially when you're going for that Morticia Addams vibe.


Black magic on one hand, white magic on the other.

Who says the two can't play nice?


Pale polish with a simple red swoosh is THE nail art choice for sexy vampire babes.

Excuse me while I call my nail technician...  


Gold, black, and diamonds = luxurywitch goals.

And who doesn't want to be a luxury witch, amiright?


And if you want to go literal, why not *actual* witch nails?

We're so impressed with how these turned out!


Purple and black with white accents? Spellbound. Literally.

Take me to your Wiccan leader!


Celebrate the moon phases with handpainted black, white, and gray nail art.

The perfect celestial addition to any beauty look.


These pointed deep red nail with black accents might almost be TOO beautiful.

But not too beautiful that you won't try to recreate them at home!


This nail art is a pastel goth dream.

So please never wake me up, okay!


A gray and black ombre wiccan nail look is astonishingly lovely.

But I guess nobody is surprised about that...


Add jewels to an all-red set for a spectacularly over-the-top witchcraft-inspired look.

Girly and terrifying, just how we like it!



Like a macabre reverie. 


These nails are like is Sailor Moon got her nails done in the dainitiest yet most extra way!

And we want her to show us where she got them done!


Subtle black tips are perfect for the bad witch on the go.

And we know all you badass ladies would love to give these a try!


The detail on this occult set is unbelievable!

The sun and moon symbols are so fantastical.


A deep blue, glossy polish is all the better to set off a simple white pentagram.

Just look at this set of claws for inspo!


There are white claws, and then there are white CLAWS. Small black rhinestones are a perfect addition — and that teeny little skull!

The black lace doesn't hurt the look, either...


Gold on black nail art is to die for.

We are really feeling this look, in particular. 


Swooning. So. Hard.

About to run and show this to my manicurist! 


*the winter wind blows ominously*

Coffin nails are a goth girl's best friend.


Admit it — you need this nail shape.

It's so over the top but that's what we're here for.


These hand-sculpted 3D nails are eerie!

But eerie girls have more fun!


Everyone knows witches don't stay away from bright nail colors.

They embrace all the colors in nature.


But sometimes a subtle peach and black nail art situation is all the magic you need.

As proven by these simple stunners.


This blood-colored set with raised decals? Yeah, an *actual* wizard must have done this.

An actual wizard with skillz.


Look at the sweet little crystals!

It's like these nails are looking into your very soul.


Because Halloween is a lifestyle.



Moon on one hand, sun on the other. That's what we call mystical balance.

And we're so here for it.


Comic book-inspired glam and glitter!

Can I get a HELL YEAH!?


This matte, burnt orange nail art is SUPREME.

So unique and unexpected.


Hot pink pentagrams are a stunning retro nail art look.

Totally digging the 80's vibes!


And why not pay tribute to the queen of the dark babes — Morticia Addams?

She is, after all, our one true goddess!


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