It has been eight days since Donald Trump became president-elect of the United States — and protests are still raging all across the country. Demonstrators have stormed the streets of New York, Philadelphia, Portland, Oakland, and other major cities to express their dissatisfaction with the outcome of the election.

In response to the protests, legislators are encouraging Americans to accept the election's results — and put their faith in Trump. In her concession speech, Hillary Clinton said that Americans must give the president-elect a chance to lead.

"We owe him an open mind and a chance to lead," she said.

President Obama agreed in a brief statement following Clinton's concession. "We are not Democrats first. We are not Republicans first. We are Americans first," Obama said. "We are patriots first. We all want what is best for this country."

They're right. America's elections are peaceful. Sitting presidents pass the power to their successors without civil wars. Plus, America totally had no reaction when the nation elected Obama as its first African-American president. So, why not give Trump a chance?

For those who've forgotten, here's the "peaceful" way Americans greeted the incoming president in 2008.

Yes, this is the ultimate acceptance of a president-elect.

Obama protest 2008
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This is also offensive as hell seeing as thousands of Black men were lynched in Jim Crow America.

What an accepting pun!

Obama 2008 signs
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Questioning a president's citizenship? Yes, that's so welcoming.

Obama protest 2008
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This is exactly what it looks like to be bipartisan.

Obama 2008 protest
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Unity? That's the message sent by depicting Obama as a savage.

Obama 2008 election
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Keep protesting.

It's the American way.