PHILADEPHIA, PA — On the opening night of the Democratic National Convention, senator Bernie Sanders electrified the crowd with a rousing speech, stressing the fact that the show (read: revolution) must — and will — go on.

"Thirteen million Americans voted for the political revolution... giving us the 1,846 pledged delegates here tonight, he said. "Our revolution continues."

"Election days come and go," he said, "but the struggle of the people to create a government that represents all of us, not just the 1%."

Once Hillary Clinton's rival, Sanders reiterated his support for the presumptive candidate. He even emphasized her expertise in healthcare and reproductive rights and her dedication to improving the lives of all Americans.

"This election is about which candidate understands the real problems facing the country and has offered real solutions... we need leadership in this country, which will improve the lives of working families, the children, the elderly, the sick, and the poor," Sanders said.

Many fervent Sanders supporters have protested outside Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Arena. He assured them and all those watching that this election is about more than political figures, including him.

"This election is not about, and has never been about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders or any of the other candidates that sought election," he told the impassioned crowd.

"This election is about — and must be about — the needs of the American people and the kind of people we create for our children and our grandchildren."

And while many (including Sanders, as he noted) are disappointed that he won't be Democratic Party's pick, he passionately warned against indifference at the polls in November: Voting for Clinton is a must, Sanders said.

"If you don't believe that this election is important, if you think that you can sit it out, take a moment to think about the Supreme Court justices that Donald Trump would nominate," he said.

The Vermont senator finished with this sentiment: "Based on her ideas and leadership, Hillary Clinton must become president."

Main Image: Getty Images