With less than three weeks before voter registration closes, one New York-based designer is uniting women for a final push against Donald Trump.

Sarah Sandman, a graphic designer and artist, is utilizing Trump's misogynistic comments to create physical and metaphorical walls against him. Sandman commissioned 200 brick-patterned jumpsuits and 900 brick-shaped patches that are emblazoned with Trump's misogynistic insults, such as "dog," "bimbo," and "young and beautiful piece of ass." 

Women will be able to pick jumpsuits and patches and stand together during organized demonstrations. Essentially, they will form "walls" against Trump.

"I'm really trying to paint the particular image of him and speak to women voters," Sandman told Revelist. "I want to show that this is a group of women…coming together to say, 'We won’t stand for this.'"

Sandman said she developed the BRICK x BRICK project to mobilize women voters against Trump.

"The thing I want to talk about here is misogyny… [The project] came back to the heart of taking his sexist comments and putting them at the forefront of our wall," Sandman told Revelist. "Not only is it a unified wall of women, but it's subverting his statements, and putting them out there and owning them."

Sandman and her team developed the campaign between late June through August, after months of brainstorming about a way to be a force for change. 

On September 8, Sandman launched the BRICK x BRICK Kickstarter. She planned to raise $9,500 in 11 days. The Kickstarter closed with 240 donations totaling $10,800.

The BRICK x BRICK campaign specifically backs Hillary Clinton.

Sandman said now is not the time to vote for third-party candidates, though having more than a two-party system would be ideal.

"We're 100% Hillary [Clinton]… If we go to college campuses at [Ohio State University] or [Temple University] in Philly...the draw in is the disdain for Trump, but the hook is, 'If you really mean that, you really have to vote for Hillary — Jill Stein is not your option,'" Sandman said.

At the demonstrations, some volunteers will be registering voters. They'll be given vests — instead of jumpsuits — that state "I'm with her." 

Sandman estimates jumpsuits will be ready by October 1, giving demonstrators a few weeks to register voters.

Groups of seven or more who are interested in forming walls and registering voters can contact the campaign through their website. Sandman said jumpsuits and patches are for sale on the BRICK x BRICK website, but the campaign received enough resources to give participants jumpsuits, patches, and vests for free.

"We'll continue building the walls [after registration closes]" Sandman said. "If we're not registering people we can still get out the vote, but part of the hustle was…there was still an opportunity to register people."

Sandman has already garnered interest to build "walls" in Ohio and Georgia.

Sandman and her team will also demonstrate with jumpsuits at Temple University in Pennsylvania and Washington University in St. Louis. 

"I think we've been kind of complacent [with Trump], I think we didn't think he'd make it this far… For the longest time all summer we were hearing that Hillary was in the lead and right now it's really scary," Sandman said. "People are ready to do something. People are freaked out…shocked into action... Here's one action. If it resonates with you, please join us."