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Demi Lovato is reportedly back in rehab because she referenced some questionable jokes on Twitter. During the Super Bowl, Lovato posted a tweet about how she liked reading memes about rapper 21 Savage. 

The problem with that is he was recently detained by ICE agents and is in danger of being deported. Many celebrities are trying to defend him to prevent that from happening (Jay-Z has even hired legal help for him to fight the deportation). But all the backlash that Lovato got for the joke caused her to delete her Twitter account and get professional help for her mental health once again.

Demi Lovato is reportedly back in rehab. 

The Shade Room broke the story that Lovato has reportedly gone back to rehab. After some backlash that she received on Twitter, Lovato deleted her Twitter account after the Super Bowl. Her account is still deleted. 

Twitter backlash came after Lovato tweeted about 21 Savage being British. 

In the biggest twist of the year so far, fans learned that rapper 21 Savage isn't American; contrary to popular belief, he's British. It was discovered last month that he was born in the UK. He came to the US when he was 11, and his visa expired the following year. He said he didn't even know what a visa was at that time. 

Lovato was way more interested in memes about the rapper instead of football. 

This was the tweet that started it all. She said the tweets about 21 "have been my favorite part of the Super Bowl." She then sent another tweet to clarify what she meant. 

Lovato tried to defend herself at first.

She must have seen some of the hate she was getting, a lot of which was making fun of her prior drug use. "If you're going to come at me for making a joke, try coming at me with something original not involving drugs," she said in a follow-up tweet. 

It was around this time that she had celebrated being six months sober. 

Around the time of the Super Bowl, Lovato had celebrated being six months sober. She had just posted a bunch of pictures of her and her team enjoying cake. Tons of her fans shared her success on social media. 

In the end, it was all too much, and she deleted her Twitter account entirely.

Lovato deleted her Twitter after she wrote, "This is why I don't tweet anymore." Although we don't know why she went back, nothing about her relapsing has been reported. People do go to rehab for other reasons, like stress, keep in mind.

Lovato's fans are swarming to support and defend her from more hate.

This person makes a good point: Two things can be true at once. It's incredibly unfortunate for 21 Savage that this is happening to him. However, these memes would've made their way onto the internet either way.

But the outrage over 21 Savage's arrest drowned out that support. Rapper Wale even got on Lovato's case for making jokes.

The two artists went back and forth on social media about the jokes. Wale didn't like that Lovato made those jokes, and he went on Twitter to say that he "doesn't get the joke." Then Lovato said that he's just upset that she didn't reply to his "desperate tweets."

With all these negative interactions, it's no wonder Lovato needed to unplug and focus on her mental health.

Those "desperate tweets" Lovato was talking about aren't the only tweets Wale has sent her, apparently. He fired back at her by saying, "Hopefully you seen the ones providing comfort and prayer when you were down. I don't kick people when they down. Go queen."

But all this drama doesn't change the fact that 21 Savage is still in danger of being deported, which no one wants to see happen.

Other artists such as Cardi B, Offset, and more have shared their love and support for 21 Savage. Jay-Z has even hired legal help for 21 to stand up against immigration services.

Though we're rooting for Lovato for stay healthy, we're also just as concerned about the immigration system that led to this entire mess.

21 spoke to ABC News and stated that although he was born in another country, he was raised in Atlanta. He says in this interview that the way the government manages the immigration system is broken and he was "targeted" in a sting. 

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