There's a lot at stake for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the Indiana primary. Both frontrunners could seal the deal for the nomination, so they've begun to target each other in preparation. These new buttons popping up at Trump rallies show that his supporters won't hesitate to sling sexist insults.

The button, which compares the former secretary of state to chicken, reads, "KFC, Hillary special, 2 fat thighs, 2 small breasts… left wing." Not only does this button lessen the Democratic frontrunner to an animal, it also disgustingly picks apart her body and her looks.

Jason Hernandez — the Facebook user who posted the image — wrote:

These are popping up at Trump rallies. I'm not surprised given that Donald appears hell bent on running a general election that tears the nation apart by insulting women, immigrants, veterans, the LGBTQ community and even the disabled.

Donald Trump’s campaign has capitalized on sexist remarks toward women — including Rosie O’DonnellMegyn Kelly, and Angela Merkel — in the past, which is something his supporters are obviously fans of. It's now becoming clearer that this election will be even more sexist if the Trump's opposing candidate is a woman.

Recently, the Republican frontrunner even said that Clinton's playing “the woman card,” implying that the Democratic candidate is using her gender to persuade voters. Since his statements, the Clinton campaign has reportedly raised $2.4 million.

Jokes on Trump supporters though; this degrading button will make sure that every woman is playing her "woman card" by voting come November.