If there's one thing that Donald Trump and his administration will be remembered for, it will be lies, deceit, and more lies. The president, and we use that term lightly, has made it clear time and time again that honesty, logic, and common sense are not at the top of his priority list. And though we're lied to every day by Mr. 45, some lies are just too outrageous to ignore. 

That happened on Sunday when the New York Times released an article in which a senior official described the unavoidable orangish tint of Trump as mere "good genes." As expected, social media erupted into a frenzy, and even those who usually flock to his defense found themselves at a loss for words. 

It's no secret that Donald Trump has a fake tan. 

No secret at all. The orange man who claims to be the leader of the free world has morphed his skin tones plenty of times, eyes excluded. 

A tan that could be a PSA for bad spray-tan jobs.

It's uneven, oversaturated with orange, and he completely misses integral parts of his face such as around the eyes and under his toupée. It's clear that either he does it himself, or his spray tan technician should be fired.

It's made him the brunt of memes everywhere.

At least through the pain of having such a jackass for president, we've been able to laugh at the jokes poking fun at his orange tint. 

As if it couldn't get any worse, he's been non-affectionately referred to as "Agent Orange."

Everyone has long wondered who we should blame for his awful tan. Though some are insistent that we have a bad spray job to blame, others believe that's it's poorly matched bronzer and overly oxidized foundation — which is to say that DJT is wearing makeup all the time.

So you can imagine the collective laugh that was released when the White House insisted that the "natural tan" was the work of genetics. 

A senior staff member for the Trump administration told the New York Times that Trump's "glow" is the result of “good genes.” Clearly not wanting to be pegged as a blatant liar, that person has asked to stay anonymous.

It poses the question: Just how stupid does Trump (and his staff) think we are? 

Now, I'm no fake-tan expert. In fact, I've never gotten one; never had to. Because unlike Trump's, my glowing skin, aka my melanin, is actually a result of genetics. Nonetheless, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that whatever orange discoloration Trump's working with is not genetic.

Maybe if his complexion were consistent, we could argue that he just has naturally light skin around the eyes. MAYBE.

A distinguishing factor, and something that has come up several times, is the fact that his eyes are always so much paler than the rest of his face. No matter what color tan he's rocking that day, you can be certain that his eyes won't be matching the rest of his face. That's likely from those teeny tiny goggles you have to wear when getting any kind of faux tan.

But from time to time, his skin literally goes from super orange to subtle and back again. 

We never know what we're going to get with Agent Orange. We could get a soft peach one day, and the next day be subject to a fiery copper.

It's yet another of the many lies of the White House. 

"Trump’s spray-on tan is such a small thing, but it’s such a big lie for the White House to claim it’s the natural result of 'good genes.' Tangerine is not among the natural skin shades, and natural skin color does not come with tan lines or missed spots on ears and around the eyes," one Twitter user wrote. 

To reveal the truth, internet sleuths even dug up vintage Trump family photos.

"These genetics here? Trump’s parents are not tan or orange."

Perhaps he's a descendant of Willy Wonka's Oompa Loompas?

"White House says Trump tan is the result of good genes. 23 and Me test confirms that 92% of Trump’s ancestors descend from Oompa Loompa Land." 

But then again, maybe he just ate too many Cheetos as a child. 

"I couldn’t wait to give you answer to my poll question!!! Why Baby Trump so orange??? If you voted #goodgenes you are a LOSER! #OrangeManBad @CheetosCanada."

Let's not forget that Trump hasn't always been so orange. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, let us know if you care to respond. 

"I would love to hear @PressSec explain why Trump’s 'good genes' didn’t always turn him orange. bahaha #TrumpLies #TrumpFail."

And while there are many shades of Trump, we still don't care to have a favorite. In fact, the sight of him still makes us nauseated. 

"Trump wanted to especially show off his good ORANGE GENES when he spackled his face this morning without a mirror."