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Hillary Clinton is taking a page from Bernie Sanders' free college tuition book. 

On Wednesday, a Clinton aide confirmed an addition to "The New College" plan, which expands tuition coverage to working families. The Washington Post reports that under her plan, families making below a certain income level can attend in-state public colleges and universities for free. 

Under the original "New College" plan, Clinton focused on holding schools accountable by making sure they don't hike up their prices. The original plan also allowed graduates with student debt to refinance their loans for lower rates. The goal was not free college, but graduating without debt. 

Now under the plan, families earning less than $85,000 a year can attend school for free, and according to her aide, rise $10,000 each year after the plan is put in place. That means by 2021, the government would pay at least 80% of college tuition for families making under $125,000 a year.

44 years since #TitleIX's passage, it's truer than ever: Every student should have equal opportunity, no matter their gender.

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Clinton, who didn't fare as well among young voters as her opponent, may now be listening to, or at the least, attempting to win them over. 

The plan looks similar to her primary competitor, Bernie Sanders', whose college tuition plan intended to make all public colleges and universities free. Clinton originally rejected Sanders' free college plan, which would have cost $700 billion, during the primaries. 

“I don’t believe in free tuition for everybody,” Clinton said during a December 20015 debate with Sanders'. She believed middle-class and poor students should have access to free education.

Unlike Sanders' plan, Clinton's does tackle the wealth gap between high and low-income families, who are mostly people of color and shoulder the largest amount of student debt. Still, Sanders' influence can't go unnoticed, especially after the two met to discuss the college debt issue among others this June. 

Looks like she's keeping her word.