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And since numerous presidents — including Republican favorite Ronald Reagan — have suffered from far more serious illnesses while in office, the speculation smacks of sexism and ableism, too.

While Trump and even Bernie Sanders' health has been questioned, gender does play a role in the attacks against Clinton. As senior Huffington Post reporter Melissa Jeltsen explained, the opposition can't call her "crazy," (though they've done a lot worse), so they use health as a guise. 

"In my years of studying male versus female rhetoric in politics races, I haven't seen anyone go this far as to attack a woman for her health when there seems to be no founded reason for it," Dianne Bystrom, the director of the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics at Iowa State University, told Jeltsen. 

Despite all this, there has been one silver lining in the news.

Well done, Hill.