UPDATE 11/26/16 — 3:14 pm 

The Hillary Clinton campaign will join the Green Party campaign in asking for a vote recount in certain swing states. The New York Times is reporting that Clinton's camp asked for a Wisconsin recount. She may follow suit in Pennsylvania and Michigan, with deadlines next week, though Marc Elias, her campaign's general counsel said they will not contribute financially to the effort. Stein's campaign raised $5 million to make the Wisconsin recount deadline.

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Donald Trump has been the president-elect for two weeks, but there's still a slim possibility that he won't be inaugurated on January 20.

Hillary Clinton has 2 million more votes than Trump, though he won the electoral college. Now, a group of computer scientists and election lawyers are challenging Trump's victory altogether, according to New York Magazine. The powerful group, which includes J. Alex Halderman, the director of the University of Michigan Center for Computer Security and Society, are alleging that the vote totals in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, are inaccurate.

The reason? New York Magazine reports that possible manipulation or hacking may have decided the victor in those three swing states, which all went to Trump.

This startling discovery may upend the results — and give America its first female president.

Hillary Clinton concession speech

Hillary Clinton

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The group has reportedly begun talking to Clinton's campaign about possibly challenging the election's results.

New York Magazine reports that the lawyers and computer scientists spoke with Clinton campaign chairman, John Podesta, and general counsel, Marc Elias, about their findings.

They especially keyed in on Wisconsin, a state that Clinton lost by 27,000 votes, according to Forbes. The group found that Clinton received 7% fewer votes in counties that used electronic voting machines than in counties that relied on paper ballots. Given this, the group believes that Clinton may have been robbed of 30,000 votes, which would turn the state blue, and give her 10 electoral college votes.

Currently, Clinton has 232 electoral votes, but if the group found that hacking stole votes from the former secretary of state in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, she could easily win the electoral college.

That's the primary reason why they're pressuring Clinton's campaign to ask for an independent review of votes in those crucial swing states.

While they haven't conclusively decided that hackers tampered with the election, the group argues that it's worth examining.

Many Twitter users agree. Matthew Chapman, a gaming programmer and contributor at Shareblue, unleashed a series of viral tweets about the importance of the Democratic Party demanding a recount. He offered Democrats 10 steps for challenging the election's results, beginning with demanding election audits in swing states that Trump won, including Florida and North Carolina.

His argument is that Democrats should go on the offensive because of the White House's warning to the Russian government not to intervene in the election process — or sway the election in Trump's favor.

Other Twitter users agree.

They've begun using the hashtag #AuditTheElection to pressure legislators to ask for recounts in swing states where the margin between Trump and Clinton is 1%.

Some are even offering a script for Americans to use when calling the Department of Justice about an election audit.

Although there's discontent bubbling on social media, it's unclear if the Clinton campaign will challenge the results.

New York Magazine is reporting that Wisconsin's recount deadline is Friday, November 25; Pennsylvania's recount deadline is Monday, November 28; and Michigan's recount deadline is Wednesday, November 30.

The clock's winding down — and so are the hopes of the 62 million Americans who are still rooting for their candidate to win.