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The day after my interview, Baer forwarded me a letter Johnson looked to have written that day.

The letter's recipient is none other than Paul Ryan, speaker of the House of Representatives. 

"I am an independent person who wants only one thing," the politically-charged letter says. "I want to stop the evil, sick, pedophile pervert who raped me when I was only 13 from becoming president of this great country of ours."

I don't know if Johnson wrote that letter. In fact, I don't know if the Katie Johnson I spoke to is the same girl who Trump allegedly raped in 1994, or if that girl even exists. I have never seen Johnson — in person, or via FaceTime, as I was originally promised — and I have not spoken to her only eyewitness, Tiffany Doe. To my knowledge, no journalist has.

All I know is the reason why the woman I spoke to on July 11 chose to speak to me at all.

"I just want to get justice,” she told me. "I mean, these things happen to girls everywhere ... I just want people to know."

Revelist reached out to the Trump campaign twice for comment and received no response.