What is it like styling the wife of the arguably most-hated president-elect in America's history? Melania Trump's makeup artist, Nicole Bryl, opened up about just that in an interview with Women's Wear Daily.

Bryl, who's glammed up everyone from A-list movie stars to British monarchs, has worked with Melania for over a decade.

The two met when she styled the new mother for a People shoot with Donald Trump and their newborn baby, Barron.

In her interview with WWD, Bryl defends the first lady as both beautiful and kind.

"Melania Trump is undeniably one of the most stunningly beautiful woman on Earth and anyone who has ever met her in person or spent time with her also knows for a fact she is one of the sweetest, most elegant women, too," Bryl said.

Still, styling Melania lately is a challenge — not in small part because many designers have refused to clothe her.

Designer Derek Lam said he would decline to style the first lady if asked, saying he would "rather concentrate [his] energies on efforts towards a more just, honorable, and a mutually respectful world." 

Marc Jacobs told WWD he had "no interest whatsoever" in dressing Melania. Other taste-makers responded with a curt "no comment" when asked.

Bryl said Wednesday that these designers are both hypocritical and short-sighted.

"I find it beyond ironic because, before politics became a factor, all major A-list designers from all over the world were dying to dress her," she told WWD. "Creatives in the fashion world have always adored her. Why now because of their difference in political views with her husband would they, as artists, boycott?"

This claim isn't exactly true.

Designer Tom Ford recently told The View that he's refused to dress Melania for years. And while the first lady has worn designs by Ralph Lauren and Alexander McQueen in the past, the brands declined to issue press releases about it, as is customary when celebrities wear their clothing. 

Even John Galliano, who designed Melania's wedding dress while at Dior, had no comment about dressing her in the future.

Still, Bryl maintains that getting the cold shoulder from designers doesn't offend the first lady.

"Thank goodness Melania doesn’t even in the slightest get upset about these things," Bryl said. “She is impressively one of the most self-assured, self-confident women I have ever known, and the only one who gets flustered about this sort of talk is me and those who know her and care for her the most."

In fact, Bryl seems convinced that her employer's fashion legacy will outlast that of her opponents.

"One thing I am certain about, Melania’s beauty and impeccable taste will become iconic," she said.

We'll see about that.