Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is done with President Donald Trump. She is over him, and she is out of effs to give when it comes to listening to him bloviate and outright lie to the American people. At the 2020 State of the Union address, Pelosi was evidently so infuriated with the words that came out of Trump's mouth, she stood up at the end of his speech and ripped up her printed transcripts ON LIVE TV. SHE DID THAT. And predictably, the internet lost its collective mind.

If you haven't seen the moment, here it is.

As you can see, Trump concludes his speech, and Vice President Mike Pence stands up to lead the applause. Pelosi, instead, calmly takes her transcripts of the speech and rips it up. She sets it down on top of the dais and keeps her "can't be bothered" poker face.

The best part? Her explanation for why she ripped it up.

A Fox News reporter asked Pelosi why she ripped up her copy of the speech, and she said it loud, and said it clearly: "Because it was the courteous thing to do considering the alternatives." You can't make this up!!!!

Everyone had an opinion!

Yes, it's a display of political theater, but social media could not handle Pelosi's starring role. The memes and jokes wrote themselves, rolling in from all corners of the political spectrum — because whether or not you agreed with what she did, you have to admit that it's incredibly ballsy.

The jokes, oh my god, the jokes.

"I admire Nancy Pelosi for ripping up Trump’s speech. Mostly bc if it were me the whole world would watch me struggle and fail on live television trying to rip that many pieces of paper at once," wrote Twitter user @maimonides_nutz, and I feel this deeply in my soul.

Were you waiting for Bossip's headline? Oh yes, I know you were.

Bossip's wordsmiths consistently craft the most incredible headlines in media, and I don't know about you, but I couldn't WAIT to see their take. "F**k Yo Lil' Speech, Bih: Nancy Pelosi Tears Trump's Lie-Filled #SOTU Address In Half After Unoiled Orange Oppressor Opted To Not Shake Her Hand" exceeds all of my expectations, and then some. PUT THIS HEADLINE IN THE MET.

Hashtag relatable content.

Naturally, the internet took off with the idea of ripping up things that ruin your vibe. Sports journalist Jemele Hill gave us this throwback meme, to when Columbia House would send you 15 CDs for pennies, then stick you with the bill many months later. An entire generation of millennials still feared their parent's Columbia House wrath.

Oh noooooo.........

A Lord of the Rings joke. I CANNOT! Pelosi must take on Frodo's quest, and throw the transcripts into the fires of Mount Doom, after traversing a dangerous terrain to reach the gates of Mordor without being seen by the Eye of Sauron. Only then is Trump's speech truly destroyed!