Women are tweeting painful sexual assault stories in droves, thanks to the disgusting #TrumpTapes.

On Friday, NBC leaked a crude and misogynist 2005 convo between the Republican nominee and journalist Bill Bush. In that convo, Trump said that his fame allowed him to kiss women and "grab them by the pussy" without consent.

While the GOP is crumbling around its nominee who is apologizing "if he offended anyone," women are using the moment to draw attention to how comments like his fuel assault against women.

Bestselling author Kelly Oxford opened the flood gates when she simply tweeted, "Women: tweet me your first assaults. they aren't just stats."

Oxford tweeted the call-out to bring attention to how rape culture operates in America.  

"I wanted to reach out to women and say — hey, we aren't statistics, we aren't sexual objects for men to joke about or touch or hurt. It's OK to talk about this," she told NBC News in an email. Revelist has also reached out to Oxford for comment, but she hasn't yet responded.

She didn't intend for her tweet to become viral. In fact, she planned to delete the tweet if it didn't resonate with women. However, the response has been astounding: In less than 48 hours, over 1 million women have responded to Oxford's call-out. There have been 50 responses every minute, according to Oxford.

These women have shared painful stories of being assaulted by men who claim ownership to their bodies — just as Trump did in that leaked convo, according to an editorial in The New York Times from feminist writer Lindy West.

Here are 11 that we hope sound the alarm on why violating women's bodies is #notokay.

Every day women shared their horrific stories.

Some famous women joined in the #notokay campaign as well.

Their courage persuaded Oxford to share four more assaults as well.

As these tweets prove, Trump's comments weren't just "dude banter." Sexual assault is an issue that women face daily.

A 2011 government survey found that one in five women have been sexually assaulted. This is a striking statistic that shows how pervasive sexual assault is in America — and why Trump's comments are no laughing matter.

Victims are often blamed for their own sexual assault. They were dressed too provocatively. They drank too much. Their colleges are too invested in "party culture." All of these excuses place the blame for rape at the feet of women. The #notokay tweets show, as Oxford pointed out, that sexual assault is not our shame anymore.

It never was, but thanks to Donald Trump's blatant display of rape culture, women are making sure no one forgets.