Donald Trump's daughter Tiffany wore an interesting outfit to the State of the Union. While the rest of her family had on rather dark outfits, Tiffany wore white. There's nothing wrong with that on the surface, but white was the color worn by all the women of the Democratic party that same night.

Because Donald Trump is a Republican, it's not a good look for solidarity within the family. Although Tiffany wears white often, there's a time and a place for everything. Her outfit caused Twitter to think she's secretly A Democrat.

President Trump gave the State of the Union address last night. 

In an 82-minute speech, President Trump gave the State of the Union address. He spoke about the border wall, meeting again with Kim Jong Un, and abortion laws, among other things. 

However, Tiffany Trump might have stolen the show with her unexpected all-white outfit. 

Tiffany Trump, President Trump's daughter, caught plenty of people's attention. She wore an all-white outfit that might have said more than what she intended.

The Democratic women of the House wore all white to the State of the Union as a nod to the suffragette movement.

Female Democrats who attended the State of the Union wore white in honor of women's suffrage. It's a power move to highlight how women's rights are under attack under the current administration. Hilary Clinton has done the same thing.

Tiffany wore white, too, despite being a Republican like her father.

Women's suffrage is something that women on either side of the political divide can agree on. But Twitter users think that this was Tiffany's way of throwing major shade at her father's administration.

Twitter thinks that Trump knew exactly what she was doing when she got dressed last night.

Passive-aggressive? To me, that's way more aggressive than passive. This is not the first year women have worn white to make a political statement. 

Tiffany has yet to respond to those claims, but her look is doing all the talking for her, whether she intents for it to or not.

Not only did Tiffany wear white, but she also sat alone. Across the aisle, Melania Trump wore a button-down dress in black.

Tiffanyis a current law school student, so there's little chance this wardrobe statement was unintentional.

Tiffany is studying law the the prestigious Georgetown University. As a law student, she's definitely in the know about political movements such as this one. I want to say I'm almost positive someone caught her before she went out the door and said, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

But maybe she just really likes wearing white and picked an inopportune time to wear it.

Tiffany wears white regularly on her Instagram, so she could just really like wearing it. But she had to have known the impact of what she was wearing. 

Or maybe she's merely taking a page from sister Ivanka's style book. 

Look in the corner. That's Ivanka Trump wearing the same outfit back when President Trump had that infamous meeting with Kanye West. But the real question is: who wore it best?

Even if that were the case, literally everyone else in her family wore something that's not white. 

Of course, Melania and Donald Trump wore black, but so did almost everyone else in the Republican party. The most interesting part of their look? The ties.

And being the only Trump family member wearing white to the State of the Union doesn't look great for the family's solidarity.

I wonder what her family said to her when they all met up. I wonder what she said back. You'd think making a statement like this would answer some questions, but it honestly just raises more. 

We're all hoping she's taking one for the team. 

Maybe we can all just have the fantasy that she's secretly a Democrat. Then, years from now, she could release a memoir about the time her father was president. I would buy it. 

Anyway, Tiffany might've read our minds in the fashion department, but it was Joshua Trump who truly nailed the mood of the night.

Joshua Trump isn't a member of the Trump family. However, he was invited to the State of the Union after being bullied because of his last name. I'm sure he was grateful for the invite, but when you're tired, you're tired. 

Do you think it's appropriate for Tiffany to stand in solidarity with women Democrats while also supporting her father's conservative administration?

I'm sure it's possible for Tiffany to stand in her father's metaphoric corner and believe in women's rights at the same time. But how do you know what it's like to be in her shoes until your own father starts trying to build a wall and eliminating your right to choose?

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