UPDATE 10/11 — 3:26 PM:

Attorney Cheney Mason, who joined the case this month, said he intends to see the case tried in court.

“This case, based on the sworn declarations of the victim and two corroborating witnesses, will be tried in court, where the defendants will be required to answer questions under oath and pursuant to the rules of evidence,” Mason said in a statement to BuzzFeed News.

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The child rape lawsuit against Donald Trump is moving forward.

A New York district court judge ordered an initial status conference for the case on Friday, October 7. The plaintiff in the suit, who uses the pseudonym Jane Doe, alleges that Trump raped her at a party in 1994, when she was 13. She also names billionaire and registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in the case, claiming that he hosted the party and assisted in the rape.

"I just want to get justice," Doe told Revelist in an exclusive interview about the case. "I mean, these things happen to girls everywhere ... I just want people to know."

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photo: YouTube/Bianca Manix

Doe filed her suit twice before: Once in California, where a judge dismissed it on procedural grounds, and once in New York, where her lawyer voluntarily withdrew the case on September 16. Her lawyer, Thomas Meagher, refiled the case two weeks later.

The new complaint includes an additional witness, and added charges of child sex trafficking and coercion. It is also introduced a new co-counsel, Cheney Mason, to the case. Mason is best known for serving as co-counsel for Casey Anthony in 2011.

Trump has denied Doe's allegations repeatedly. But on Friday, Southern New York District Court judge Ronnie Abrams ordered Doe's case to move forward.

Abrams ordered all parties to meet at the district court on December 16 for an initial status conference, which will determine scheduling for the case. A spokesperson from the court told Revelist that the conference is a purely logistical meeting to discuss deadlines and case management. A decision on whether to proceed to trial or settle out of court will likely not be reached at this meeting.

Abrams joined the Southern District of New York on president Barack Obama's nomination in 2011. Abrams previously worked as an associate at Davis Polk & Wardwell, and served as a federal prosecuting attorney in the southern district court. Her father, Floyd Abrams, served as co-counsel for The New York Times on the Pentagon Papers case.

Abrams was unavailable for comment.