Trump signs an executive order
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Donald Trump quietly moved to reverse the Obama administration's transgender rights guidelines this weekend.

The Obama administration informed schools in May that federal gender discrimination protections apply to transgender students as well. 

Among other things, that meant schools had to allow transgender students to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity — or risk losing federal funding.

Less than three months later, a Texas judge issued a nationwide injunction that blocked the guidelines from being enforced. 

The Obama administration appealed the injunction in January. But on February 11, Trump revoked that appeal. Essentially, the US government is no longer fighting to legally protect transgender students from discrimination in schools.

The filing, issued Friday by the Department of Justice, said the Trump administration is "currently considering how best to proceed in this appeal."

all-gender restroom sign
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The Obama administration guidelines would have affected students like Gavin Grimm — a transgender teen living in New Jersey. Grimm's school allowed him to use the boy's restroom for two months, before they started receiving complaints from community members. 

The school board voted last year not to allow him into the boy's restroom.

Now, Grimm's lawsuit against the school board may be transgender students' first line of defense.

The Supreme Court announced on October 28 that it would rule on Grimm's case — and the right of transgender students everywhere to use the bathroom of their choice.

"I am fighting this fight because no kid should have to think so hard about performing a basic and private function of being alive," Grimm wrote in January. "I hope that I will be one of the last kids that has to go through something like this, and I am going to do what I can to ensure that."