The days following Donald Trump’s election as president have chock-full of appointments to his new White House entourage. Although the president-elect apparently didn't know that he had to replace the entire White House staff, he’s made quick work of filling the gaps left by president Obama’s impending departure.

To help you make sense of the influx of appointees, we’re keeping a running list of everyone in Trump’s new White House staff. Check out the appointees, and their biggest 'WTF moves', below:

Reince Priebus, Chief of Staff

Background: Priebus, the current chairman of the Republican National Committee, is Trump’s most middle-of-the-road pick. In fact, there were reports that Priebus found the president-elected too extreme when he started his campaign last year. Since then, however, the two have evidently made amends. (Trump even called him a “super star” on election night.)

Priebus ran for elected office only once, and lost, but he is the longest-running RNC chair in history. He is best known for commissioning the 2012 GOP “autopsy” report, which suggested Republicans needed to endorse immigration reform, and reach out to women.

WTF move: Ironically, however, Priebus argued that the GOP has never waged a “war on women,” calling the idea “a fiction the Democrats have created.” He is also staunchly pro-life, and anti-gay marriage

Steve Bannon, Chief Strategist

Background: Bannon will continue his hiatus from running a white nationalist publication to continue his role as Trump’s chief adviser. Yeah, you heard that right.

WTF move: Bannon is best known for running Breitbart News, and alt-right website that’s been described as “a haven for people who think Fox News is too polite and restrained.” Breitbart is responsible for headlines such as, “Hoist it high and proud: The Confederate flag proclaims a glorious heritage,” and “There’s no hiring bias against women in tech, they just suck at interviews.”

And no, this isn’t all just an act to generate clicks. Bannon himself suggested that there are too many Asian CEOs in Silicon Valley, and dismissed the women’s movement as “a bunch of dykes.

Michael Flynn, National Security Adviser

Background: Once highly respected by his peers, Flynn was recently removed from his job as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency. He now claims the military fired him for his views on “radical jihadis,” although most of his views seem to be about Muslims as a whole.

WTF move: The retired three-star general once tweeted that “fear of Muslims is rational” and called Islamic ideology “sick.” He also gave a speech this year deeming Islam a “political ideology” and a “malignant cancer.”

Oh, and he was once paid to have dinner with Vladimir Putin.

Jeff Sessions, Attorney General

Background: Vote Sessions most likely to help build the wall. The 69-year-old senator from Alabama is about as anti-immigration as you can get.

In the 20 years he’s served in the Senate, Sessions voted against just about every bill that contained a path to citizenship for immigrants. He even spoke out against legal immigration in a Washington Post op-ed, saying “What we need now is immigration moderation: slowing the pace of new arrivals so that wages can rise, welfare rolls can shrink and the forces of assimilation can knit us all more closely together."

WTF move: In case you were thinking that Sessions’s anti-immigration stance is driven more by economics than racism, think again. In 1986, a Senate committee blocked Sessions from becoming a federal judge because coworkers said he frequently used the n-word and joked about the Ku Klux Klan. In his defense, Sessions said simply, “I am not a racist. I am not insensitive to blacks."