"Dr. Pimple Popper" scene
photo: TLC

For whatever reason, the internet still can't get enough of Dr. Sandra Lee's equally satisfying and sickening pimple popping. 

The videos draw millions of views on Instagram, and sometimes people even compare the subcutaneous gunk with actual food... delicious. Dr. Lee has her own skin-care line, but recently came under fire for endorsing a controversial product. Of course, the medical professional schooled her critics and knew exactly what she was talking about. 

The dermatologist's TLC show, Dr. Pimple Popper, is in the middle of its third season and continues to impress viewers with pus-filled cysts, skin anomalies, and, strangely enough, a lot of heart from the pimple-popping doctor

Here are 12 of the most satisfying yet sickening pimple pops from the pimple popper herself. 

Someone explain to me how this woman is talking about her birthday dinner while popping these pimples?

In this video, Dr. Lee can be heard discussing her upcoming birthday dinner plans while squeezing milia out of a patient's ear. Clearly, the gunk doesn't affect the medical professional in the slightest; she must have a strong stomach. A solid white cyst popped right out of the crook of one woman's ear.

This dark blackhead turned into a never-ending flow of gunk. 

A classic cyst with a dilated pore means one giant satisfying pop. The doctor gets excited about cysts of this size, and captioned the video, "This is what dreams are made of! A Dilated Pore of Winer AND a Cyst." 

This giant purple cyst erupted into a mess of fluid that just kept going and going and going. 

This bright purple inflamed cyst was as disgusting as it was cathartic to watch. The painful-looking bump will surely be soothed after relieving the immense amount of pressure beneath the skin. Both semi-solid and fluid-like substance poured out in a seemingly endless flow. 

This super-long blackhead had one patient about to hop out of her chair.

One blackhead was totally deep within one patient's back, and Dr. Lee pulled out a long, dark strand. Impressed by the gunk, one woman tried to jump out of the doctor's chair to find her glasses to get a better look. "Grab your glasses and some popcorn, Popaholics... this #dpow is a #goodone!" the Dr. Pimple Popper account captioned this video. 

Even Dr. Sandra Lee was super satisfied with this intact cyst.

Dr. Lee teased out a totally contained cyst, sack and all. "Oh, this is a cute one," the doctor exclaimed as she peeled it out from beneath the surface. I can't imagine ever calling a cyst "cute," but that's why she gets paid the big bucks. 

This is why they call her "Dr. Pimple Popper": This cyst literally popped out. 

Gently pushing against her patient's head, the round unattached cyst rolled right out. Even Dr. Lee was shocked that it fell right out, no cutting necessary. Nimble and fast fingers are necessary for this job — she had to catch the pilar cyst before it fell to the ground. 

Seriously, so much fluid came out of this slimy cyst.

The bright yellow fluid flowed out of this woman's chest. "Slimy, yet oh-so satisfying... Steatocystomas!" read the Instagram caption. One commenter thought of breakfast with this pop, "Wow like a egg yolk," they wrote. 

This hidden gem included a hair. 

These blackheads are so subtle and sneaky, so Dr. Lee had to pay close attention to pop at just the right pace. "I feel like this is the Clark Kent... of Steatocystomas. Like he's got these glasses, and you know he's a, like, a Superman underneath there," Lee joked with the patient.

This woman had a rock-hard blackhead that came out in one piece. 

The disturbing exterior to this blackhead actually came out in one satisfying piece. Dr. Lee even exclaimed that this could be the biggest blackhead she had ever seen. At the end of the video, she tapped it on a hard surface and it sounded like a pebble. 

This slow-motion squeeze is as satisfying as it gets. 

Dr. Lee sometimes lets her patients or their friends do the satisfying squeeze. This slow-motion video shows just how gratifying it can be. "Not trying to slow down your roll into the weekend... but thought you’d enjoy THIS kind of slooo moooo #drpimplepopper," the post reads. 

This blackhead in an earlobe looked like a permanent earring.

Dr. Lee squeezed out a satisfying amount of dark gunk from this earlobe blackhead. "This is like a little ear piercing... like a built-in ear piercing on one side," Dr. Lee says. The patient responds, "This wasn't as painful as an ear piercing." 

We'll send you out with this truly never-ending flow. 

Sometimes the cysts are true works of art, and the squeeze is supremely satisfying. This rare gem is one of those lucky cysts that just doesn't stop oozing. "I wish all weekends would last as long as this...," writes the pimple-popping account.