There are some characters who are so popular that you're bound to see them at every single convention you go to — Batman, Wonder Woman, Darth Vader, etc. But every passing year brings new movies, video games, TV shows and comics, and every year some of the characters within them quickly get launched to icon status thanks to the tireless efforts of cosplayers who love them. Can you remember a time when you didn't see Spider-Gwens or "Attack on Titan" jackets all over the dang place? I sure can't. 

San Diego Comic-Con kicks isn't the first convention of the year, of course, but it is certainly the biggest, and that makes it a pretty good indicator of what kind of cosplay will blow up at other cons across the world. For 2016, we predict that you're going to start seeing a lot of these costumes this year:


Hodor from "Game of Thrones," but with a door stuck on 'em

Everybody loves a “Game of Thrones” cosplayer, but while many characters had some incredible new costumes to show off (Daenerys’ new black gown, Cersei’s leather queen look, Sansa’s wolf-covered dress), no one quite captured the public interest as much as Hodor did. Expect to see many of them standing in doorways, looking sad.


'Deadpool,' but with a Hugh Jackman twist

Deadpool would be dominating the cosplay scene even if he didn’t have his own movie out this year, but I’m guessing that more than a few of the more current events-savvy Deadpools will probably recreate the scene at the end of the movie where Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) staples a magazine cut-out of Hugh Jackman to his face. You know, to keep it fresh.

Also, unrelated, but you can be 100% confident that Ryan Reynolds will roam the convention floor as Deadpool to hang out with fans. There is absolutely no way that does not happen this year, so be on the lookout.


The new batch of Marvel Netflix heroes

John Bernthal's Punisher literally stole "Daredevil" out from under its actual title hero, and made Frank Castle cool in a way he hasn’t been in years. You can bet a lot of stocky white guys are gonna jump on his cool newly-spray painted body armor to wear out and about. Meanwhile, Elektra’s new costume is much more practical and easier to cobble together than the leotard she wears in the comics, meaning that a lot of people are going to try it out for themselves. And of course, Jessica Jones already has a loyal cosplay following. She wears the same jeans in every episode, how hard is that to emulate for yourself?  


The "Overwatch" crew

The many characters of “Overwatch” are all designed so beautifully that there’s somebody for everybody to try out, provided that you’re willing to spend a lot of time and energy into making the costume look good. Tracer, D.Va (bonus points if she’s covered in Doritos and Mountain Dew), Reaper, Soldier 76 and McCree will probably be stand out favorites, but you never know! Maybe you’ll run into a Zarya, a Hanzo, or even an Ana! Considering that Ana was just announced recently, that cosplayer will probably be very tired.



Now that “Supergirl” has survived its first season and is an official part of the CW DC Comics universe, the TV version of her costume will probably get a lot of play at Comic-Con. Finally, a popular version of Supergirl that doesn’t have a frustratingly exposed midriff! Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but you know. It’s nice to have options.  


The 2016 Ghostbusters

By all accounts (except the ones that won’t stop giving the movie 1/10 ratings on IMDB), the new “Ghostbusters” movie is reportedly pretty fun, meaning that the film's target audience — AKA, nerdy-ass girls who wanna bust ghosts — will no doubt feel confident enough to wear the costume out in public once convention-time rolls around. Even better, the costume is ridiculously easy to DIY; just slap some orange and white stripes on a tan jumpsuit and you’re good to go. Expect to see a lot of Kate McKinnon’s character in particular, because she is the best.


The cast of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"

Last year there were some “Force Awakens” cosplayers, but most fans were waiting until the movie came out to decide whether or not it was worth all the sewing and clothes-hunting. Obviously, it totally was, so you can bet your bottom dollar there’ll be thousands upon thousands of Reys, Finns and Kylo Rens parading around this year.


Harley Quinn from "Suicide Squad"

Harley Quinn’s been a perennial cosplay favorite for decades, but her new look in “Suicide Squad” is already ridiculously popular on the cosplay circuit. Hot Topic even let its customers preorder a ready-made version of Harley and the Joker’s outfits so that they’d be shipped out in time for San Diego Comic-Con, meaning that you will certainly see at least a thousand Harleys.


And finally, Pokémon. So, so much Pokémon.

 Pokémon never really left the nerd community, but it’s back in a huge, huge way with “Pokémon Go,” meaning that everybody’s gonna bring out their old costumes for a '90s nostalgia revival. Some quick sewers might already be working on their own versions of the “Pokémon Go” avatar, Professor Willow, or the Team Valor, Mystic and Instinct leaders; still others will dress as the monsters themselves and run around tormenting people IRL (bonus points for ridiculously common Pokémon like  Zubats and Rattatas). 

But mark my words, at least one person will figure out a way to cosplay as a crashing Niantic Labs server. I don't know how, but they'll do it, and their face will be in every creative cosplay round-up until the end of time. Godspeed, good cosplayer.