When you're a 3-year-old girl, the world is your oyster. 

You can be anything you want to be: a princess, an astronaut, a unicorn; whatever your heart desires. But if you've got a dad like commercial photographer Josh Rossi, your fantastical dreams can come true a lot sooner than you probably expected.

Known for his hyper-realistic style, Rossi used the Wonder Woman trailer as inspiration for his two-hour photo shoot with his little girl, Nellee.

photo: Josh Rossi

With a little photoshop magic and a lot of help from his crew, he was able to pull off a pretty wondrous series.

And while dad prepped for the big shoot, Nellee and her mom spent hours re-watching the "Wonder Woman" trailer to nail Gal Gadot's facial expressions and body language.

wonder woman
photo: Josh Rossi/Youtube/Warner Bros.

We think she might have nailed it.

Rossi worked with McGrew’s, a studio in Salt Lake City, to create the $1,500 custom costume.

And holy Christ it was worth every penny.

Keep kicking ass, kiddo.

We can wait to see what your dad dreams up next!

Watch the amazing transformation go down here!

H/t: BoredPanda

Revelist has reached out to Josh Rossi for comment.