Ariana Grande reportedly had the sweetest response to rumors that her ex-fiancé Pete Davidson is dating someone else. For the past month, rumors have been swirling that Pete Davidson is dating Kate Beckinsale — the two have been seen in public numerous times. 

It's been said that it's no shock they're together, but it's still rather soon after his engagement with Grande ended. When the press caught up with her, Grande said that Davidson and Beckinsale are "so cute!" Grande and Davidson got engaged rapidly, but he and Beckinsale are reportedly keeping things casual

A member of the paparazzi caught up with Ariana Grande to ask her about ex Pete Davidson.

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Grande was out in California on February 6 when paparazzi asked her about swirling dating rumors. Her ex Pete Davidson has been spotted out holding hands with actress Kate Beckinsale.

She gave a positive reaction to the news. 

Grande is aware that her ex-fiancé has moved on. But she doesn't seem bitter about it. When asked, she reportedly said the couple is "so cute!" 

Davidson moved on from the failed relationship fast, we guess.

Davidson was seen holding hands with Beckinsale only a short time after his engagement ended with Grande last year. The couple broke up in October after a short romance, and Davidson was first seen out with Beckinsale just last month. 

Davidson and Beckinsale left a Golden Globes party together. 

Last month, Davidson left a Golden Globes after-party alongside rumored girlfriend Beckinsale. The two were seen flirting and drinking together by someone who also attended the party.

They were spotted later on leaving one of his stand-up shows together. 

This month, the couple was caught on camera holding hands while leaving one of his shows. If they are a couple, it might have been a little awkward because he reportedly made a joke about Grande onstage that night.

Beckinsale reportedly couldn't contain her smile when Davidson said her name at his show. 

It's reported that during his performance, Davidson said her name. Sources say that when he said it, she “smiled sheepishly and said, "Yes." That's enough to cement dating rumors. 

But neither Davidson nor Beckinsale has confirmed a relationship.

Everyone thinks they're dating because, well, it sure as hell looks like they are, but no one knows anything for sure. Neither one of them has confirmed anything. 

If they are dating, Nick Cannon would like to take credit for that. 

Nick Cannon is hosting The Wendy Williams Show while Wendy Williams is still on hiatus. On the February 5 episode, he called Davidson his "little brother," and said he told Davidson to date an older woman

“I will take credit for it," he said. "I’m the one who told him, ‘Get you an older woman, man!’ I said that. Leave them little pop stars alone! An old woman knows what she wants. She don’t play no games! That’s what I’m talking about. Get you somebody older!”

The two have a 20-year age difference. Davidson is 25, and Beckinsale is 45. 

Beckinsale did say that Pete is "exactly" her type.

A close source revealed that Beckinsale said Davidson is her type, and apparently she likes younger men. The source said, "She likes young guys who make her laugh." 

Any relationship they have would be extremely difficult, given their demanding schedules.

It's been reported that the couple is keeping things casual and that it works for them because they spend lots of time on different coasts. E! News says that the two of them are having fun together for now, but they spend a lot of time on opposite coasts. 

Maybe he's keeping things casual because of how fast the relationship between him and Grande went. 

The couple got engaged after only a month of dating. Even when they first started dating, it was said that the relationship was "very casual." 

But the ring he bought her wasn't casual. It's said to be worth $93,000.

They got engaged quickly, but it looks like they took the relationship seriously. Grande's engagement ring was reportedly worth $93,000

Grande spoke about their whirlwind engagement on The Zach Sang Show.

In this segment of the interview, Grande showed off her engagement ring and told fans how Davidson purposed. An audience member said they heard that Davidson was high when he proposed to her, and Grande replies, "He's always high!"

Grande once revealed that she knew she wanted to marry Davidson right off the bat. Oh, how times change.

In the interview, she said she had a crush on Davidson for "the longest time." Even though they didn't even speak for a long time after that initial meeting, she remembers saying, "I'm going to marry that man."

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