Last month, the internet gasped in pure delight upon the discovery of a "Sexy Jon Snow" costume.

Sexy John Snow costume
photo: Yandy

Twitter had some *very* strong reactions to fur-cloaked, studded loin flap. 


Then, a "Sexy Pregnant Kylie Jenner" hit the market, and fans were here for it.

Sexy Kylie Jenner costume
photo: Yandy

Less than 48 hours after the alleged Kylie Jenner pregnancy news broke, online retailer Yandy unveiled its "Reality Star in the Making" costume.


But THEN people uncovered a "Sexy Fake News" costume, and suddenly the internet was like, "Why?"

fake news costume
photo: Yandy

But hey, if that's how you roll, buy the costume here for $55.


Some things just don't *need* to be sexy, ya know?

Sexy Sriracha costume
photo: Yandy

This $30 "Sexy Sriracha Bottle" costume, for example. (Available here.)


Like this "Sexy Pineapple" costume... ?

Sexy pineapple costume
photo: Tipsy Elves

Available here for $58.


Something tells me the poop emoji never once asked to be sexy.

Sexy poop emoji costume
photo: Yandy

But if you want to look like ~shit~ this Halloween, this $40 costume is available here.


I know *I* definitely didn't ask for this sexy Donald Trump — er, Donna T. Rumpshaker — costume.

Sexy Donald Trump costume
photo: Yandy

*shields eyes

(Available here.)


And a "Sexy Nemo" just feels wrong.

Sexy Finding Nemo costume
photo: Yandy

Come on! That's a Disney character. Is nothing sacred?


"Sexy Dory" probably isn't appropriate for children, either.

Sexy Dory costume
photo: Yandy

This $40 costume is available here.


Um, a "Sexy Hamilton" costume?!?

Sexy Hamilton costume
photo: Yandy

It's available here for the not-so-sexy price of $120. #Expensive.


How could you do this to Pikachu?

Sexy Pikachut costume
photo: Yandy

Available here for $70.


A "Sexy Goldfish" costume is just unnecessary.

Sexy goldfish costume
photo: Yandy

Also unnecessary? Paying $112 to be a "Sexy Goldfish." (Available here.)


"Sexy Pizza Rat" = *face palm*

Sexy Pizza Rat costume
photo: Yandy

This $90 costume is available here.


These lobsters aren't even as sexy as the Dancing Lobsters on "The Amanda Show," IMO.

Sexy Lobster costume
photo: Yandy

The female lobster costume is available here for $30.


I thought Freddy Krueger was supposed to be scary, not sexy. But what do I know?

Sexy Freddie Krueger costume
photo: Halloween Express

Available here for $84.


"Sexy Scissorhands" does have a nice ring to it, though...

Sexy Edward Scissorhands costume
photo: Costume Supercenter

Available here for $30.


The Minions really didn't deserve this.

Sexy Minion costume
photo: Amazon

Thank God this ~despicable~ costume is sold out.


Apparently I missed the memo that Chucky is sexy.

Sexy Chucky costume
photo: Yandy

Buy this $65 "Sexy Chucky" costume here.


Do we *really* need a "Sexy Chewbacca?"

Sexy Chewbacca costume
photo: For Play

If you answered "yes," the "Sexy Chewbacca" costume is available here for $79.


Harry Potter, but make it sexy.

Sexy Harry Potter costume
photo: Halloween Express

Available here for $43.


To some, this "Boarder Agent" costume is sexy; to me, it's offensive.

sexy boarder agent costume
photo: Trendy Halloween

It's available here for $45 (but, like, just don't. K?).


Two words: "Sexy It."

Sexy It Costume
photo: Yandy

Ok. That's it. We're done here. 


Some costumes are just better off being un-sexy.