It's 2020 and the love for Baby Yoda is not slowing down one bit. 

In fact, winter has brought about a new way to appreciate the adorable Star Wars universe character. Fans of the Child from The Mandalorian are creating snow sculptures of the character, and they're honestly impressive. 

The Baby Yoda fandom has shown off their creativity and appreciation in a variety of ways, including tattoos and makeup art.

The Weather Network started requesting that people send in their best snow sculptures, and Twitter did not disappoint. 

The Weather Network Twitter account reached out to its followers and wrote, "Baby Snow-da... Show us your snowman creations you will! Tweet us your pics!" Then, of course, people had plenty of snow sculptures to share. Most of them were incredibly detailed and massive. 

Who would have thought the Baby Yoda trend would apply to snowmen too?

At the Minnesota State Fair, one competitor created a massive Baby Yoda snow sculpture that looked just like the character. The creation even included the Child's floating crib. One fan of the sculpture commented, "This is amazing! How did they get the ears to defy gravity!?" 

A six-foot-tall Baby Yoda is really something.

I'm honestly mesmerized by the gravity-defying ears. They must be made of straight-up ice to stick out like that. Another person shared this massive sculpture and tweeted, "Kudos to my Tosa neighbors who built a six-foot-tall Baby Yoda snowman!!"

Some people kept Baby Yoda true to size. 

"Yesterday we made Baby SNOWDA and have TONS of snow left over," one family tweeted with their tiny Baby Yoda sculpture. This creation even included the alien's adorable little soup cup. Plus, they added coloring to the snow to give Baby Yoda his green-tinted hue.

How cute is this huggable Baby Yoda aka "Baby Snowda."

Now people are using the hashtag #BabySnowda, which is so appropriate. This Baby Yoda is small enough, cute enough, and sturdy enough to be held in someone's arms. They tweeted, "@theleezajohnson made a little baby Yoda snowman. Baby snow yoda? Baby snowda?"

Snow artists really got into creating sculptures that resembled the TV show character. 

This snow sculptor got creative for the ears and used tree branches, which fit so perfectly. Plus, they dyed the snow a green hue to look even more realistic. 

Some people got really into the costuming, I think this garb was created using a paper bag.

The craftiest of individuals found different materials to create Baby Yoda's clothing and props. This sculpture has the same massive eyes as the creature and was made using round pieces of rock or coal. Plus, just like a classic snowman, its arms were made using sticks. 

I'd just like to know how the ears are remaining to stick out so straight?!

I'm impressed by everyone who was able to craft these snow sculptures and had the patience to work with the snow to get the ears to stick out without falling. Each creation was adorable in its own right. Let's keep the Baby Yoda moments trending.