The new Star Wars spin-off series on Disney+, The Mandalorian, has been making huge waves on social media thanks to one tiny star: Baby Yoda.

Of course, "Baby Yoda" isn't actually a young Yoda, as the series takes place years after the Force-master's death. However, the new infant character is the same species as Yoda, so fans have coined the nickname. The character's real identity is yet to be determined, but it's known so far as The Child.

The internet is smitten with the adorable baby green creature and is having way too much fun creating some of the most hilarious and cute memes

Ariana Grande joked with her fans with one meme that featured her music. 

In one of the latest episodes, The Mandalorian and The Child are on his ship when the little tyke starts messing with buttons. It's like he's changing the dials on the radio, and Ariana Grande fans had a very specific reference that she got immediately. 

Grande's fans are often asking her to play songs from her old albums. Meanwhile, she's trying to get them to love her new stuff just as much. In this meme, it's clear they'd much rather hear "Moonlight" than "Get Well Soon."

Sipping the tea has been a popular meme for a while featuring Kermit the Frog, but I think he's been dethroned by Baby Yoda. 

"Baby Yoda and his soup is the new sipping tea meme. I’ve said it," wrote one fan account. The adorable little creature does have a sassy air about him (or her) sipping his soup out of that little bowl.

Anyone who's ever had a fake ID can relate to this The Mandalorian, Star Wars, and Superbad crossover reference. 

Baby Yoda is holding up McLovin's driver's license from Superbad, but instead there's a picture of Yoda and the name "McYoda" on it. "Underage me looking at the bouncer like...," the meme reads. Who wouldn't let that cute face into a bar?

When your dog is eating something he's not supposed to. 

Baby Yoda scarfed down a whole frog in episode two and was scolded for it. Many people could relate to the moment of seeing their own pets eat things they're not supposed to. "Me and my dog ... Hey, spit that out," the meme reads.

That sly smile and hot cup of coffee, you know your mom looks at you like this on Christmas morning. 

It's almost December 25, and everyone who will be opening up presents that morning will see this face. One person included the picture of The Child sipping his soup and wrote, "Every Mom on Christmas morning watching you open presents."

There's just no way anything bad can happen to Baby Yoda, right?

The entire internet is in agreement that we must keep the Yoda look-alike safe at all costs. One person wrote out a meme that Twitter and The Mandalorian agree to, "Doing everything to protect baby Yoda." Fingers crossed Disney keeps up its end of the bargain.

By now, if you've watched the series, you know that it's not actually Yoda as an infant, but it's still #BabyYoda. 

Some people are frustrated by the little green baby getting misnamed as Yoda, but it just fits the meme. One person went off, "... if I see another post saying this is Yoda I'm gonna scream this ain't him. It's the same species as him but it ain't him. The show is set 5 years after Return of the Jedi. Yoda is dead." And someone else replied, "his name is still baby Yoda."

We are thankful for Baby Yoda this holiday season. 

It seems the internet has truly banded together this year because of The Mandalorian baby. One person hilariously Photoshopped Baby Yoda into Rafiki's hands in the iconic scene with baby Simba from The Lion King. The meme reads, "What are you thankful for this year?"

I think I found the new Gerber baby, and honestly, if they don't use this to market, they're missing out. 

"In no way whatsoever is this getting out of hand. #BabyYoda," writes one supporter jokingly in a tweet. The Twitter user included an image of Baby Yoda as the iconic Gerber baby, which changes every few years. Next year, they should introduce The Child as the face of the baby food brand. 

And here's another music-related and holiday-related meme to send us off. 

"My whole family: Christmas is in 24 days, chill Me: #TheMandalorian #BabyYoda," wrote one person on Twitter. It appears even Baby Yoda is in the holiday spirit, and with Christmas right around the corner, she (he?) wants to listen to Mariah.