Everyone's favorite dirty card game could be getting the Disney treatment in the near future — or so we hope.

According to rumors, Cards Against Humanity uploaded a few cards the company seems to have been planning for a Disney expansion pack to its Facebook page, Pretty52 reported, but then swiftly deleted them...

... but not before one Instagram user had the good sense to screenshot them. Here are the black question cards CAH allegedly previewed...

(They range from "Next on the list of Disney's unnecessary sequels: ____ 2" to "Me, Tarzan. You ____.")

... and here are the white answer cards that might come out.

Vaginal burns from Lumiere? Bambi's dead mother? SAVAGE.

But the uploads to the CAH Facebook page are nowhere to be found now, and we have more questions than before.

Was it all just a hoax? Was the expansion pack leaked too early? Did Disney decide not to license this thing which we didn't know we needed before, but now can't live without?

We may never know — at least not for a while. All we can say is that we hope Cards Against Disney becomes a reality because it looks like ~*a whole new world*~ of fun.