photo: PBS News Hour / "Hamilton" / iStock

The first 2016 presidential debate on Monday night (September 26) was an intense 90 minutes of back-and-forth between a supremely overqualified (some would say "over-prepared," because they are terrible) woman running for president and a very loud orange man who constantly interrupted her to lie about himself. So, you know. Riveting television.

But even still, politics can be pretty boring if you aren't up on your current events. So to help spice things up, why don't we look at last night through a smart, politically-minded pop culture lens? Maybe even with a beat behind it?

Yup, that's right. I'm talking about "Hamilton." Let's face it, there were a lot of moments during the debate that made us think of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tony-winning hip-hop historical musical. For example: 


First, when Lester Holt began the debate:

photo: PBS News Hour

Trump, accusing politicians of refusing to tax imports from Mexico because of their special interests:

photo: PBS News Hour

Hillary, accusing Trump of living in his own version of reality:

photo: PBS News Hour

When Hillary called out Trump for stiffing his employees out of money they owed him:

photo: PBS New Hour

Hillary, dragging Trump for refusing to release his taxes:

photo: PBS News Hour

Trump, saying his primarily concern with racial relations in the United States is “law and order:”

photo: PBS News Hour

All of us, the fifth or sixth time Trump shouted that no one is calling Sean Hannity about their Iraq war conversations:

photo: PBS News Hour

Trump, refusing to concede his role in the Birther movement:

photo: PBS News Hour

Hillary, when Trump said he had the right “temperament” to be president:

photo: PBS News Hour

When Lester Holt asked Trump to elaborate on his claims that Hillary Clinton didn’t “look” presidential and he suddenly started talking about trade agreements again:

photo: PBS News Hour

Trump, refusing to admit he said that he was smart for not paying taxes about an hour after he said it on national television:

photo: CNN

Hillary, shaking hands with people in the room after Trump had already left:

photo: PBS News Hour