While some princesses do have curly hair — looking at you, Merida — most Disney princesses are blessed with magical soft waves. Sorry, Rapunzel, but if I let down MY frizzy, wavy hair, it would get stuck on a tree branch somewhere and break my damn neck.

Comic artist Angela Mary Vaz has re-imagined the Disney princesses with realistic curly hair.

No joyous, bouncing ringlets here! Each princess has to deal with problems like frizz, conditioner envy, and getting random crap stuck in it. 

All the "Colors of the Wind" would get stuck in Pocahontas' locks.

And her curls would fly into her face all the time.

Poor Cinderella's updo would get frizzy in a split second.

No amount of fairy godmother magic can fix a flyaway situation.

Jasmine's "Whole New World" would consist of approximately a pound of sand getting stuck in her braid every time she hitched a ride on a magic carpet.

Also, let's get real: Those rubber bands holding her braid together would snap at least once a day.

Ariel's fork would stay in her hair... forever.

Along with any other random shit she finds under the sea.

Aurora would have a real case of bedhead after sleeping so long.

And forget it if she went to sleep with wet hair.

The shrinkage is real.

Hey, Flynn, can you take the stairs?

The Beast must use some real powerful conditioner.

I need to buy some, ASAP.