A quick scroll through Instagram and it's clear that countless travel bloggers have a certain pose down. 

Like the influencer above, Chelsea Yamase, many have captured that perfect "caught off guard" look, hair floating in the wind, beautiful scenery in the background. These enviable posts are what makes their adventures worth following.

One Disney fan artist, Maxine Vee, decided to take that kind of scenic storytelling and use the iconic Disney princesses in place of the travel bloggers. The artist created these digital paintings that showcased the princesses in their environments — Ariel in an aquarium, Belle in a library, Rapunzel at an art museum. They all have an air of reminiscence that is so magical. 

In a slightly ironic retelling, Ariel is staring at her aquatic friends through the glass as opposed to in the water. 

A trip to a zoo, aquarium, museum, or any other picturesque building requires a candid shot. I mean, did you even take the trip if you didn't post? This dreamy artwork features that blue glow of aquariums perfectly, though. 

Of course, Belle has her nose dreamily stuck in a book. 

"I want to capture moments of contemplation and surround them in their familiar places," the artist captioned this post. Vee also added a video of the creation of this print along with the final product. The impressive artwork even manages to cast sunlight across the princess in her favorite place, the library. 

Again, if you didn't get a hyper-contemplative shot at a museum, were you ever really there? 

Rapunzel is the artist among the Disney princesses group, so of course she'd be in a museum surrounded by her favorite paintings. "Wow I love this 'looking on' series with different characters!" one supporter commented on this post. The artist also shared that they were mimicking a famous painter in this particular print; many suggested artists Van Gogh and Monet. 

Elsa did it for the ’Gram in this blustery, wintery shot. 

Many travel bloggers will also share the behind-the-scenes of how they captured dreamy, picturesque shots, and oftentimes it is an extremely difficult process. Lucky for Elsa, she has the power of ice in her hands and wouldn't have struggled too much in this landscape. This artwork looked reminiscent of the film and its sequel's movie poster. 

Jasmine didn't need to go far to get an Instagram-worthy photo; her balcony does the trick. 

The stunning view of the fictional city of Agrabah makes for a perfectly dreamy shot for Jasmine — all that's missing is her pet tiger, Raja. Based on the night sky, I'd say that she's waiting for Aladdin to pick her up for a magic carpet ride. 

One supporter gave a compliment, "Love it! You managed to keep the colors of the original movie, but modernized and used them in your unique style at the same time. My favourite princess!"

This sweet image depicted Mulan in her room as she decides what to do with her father's helmet. 

The upcoming live-action version of Mulan will have a different tone than the animated classic, but many are excited for the authentic feel. The style of this artwork looks very much like the cartoon, but has the same touching mood as the original story. Part of the environments series from this artist set out to capture the mood of the princesses in their iconic locations. 

Cinderella in real-life would need to go window shopping for dresses as opposed to having her fairy godmother make one appear out of thin air. 

Dressed in her everyday wear, Cinderella daydreams about what dress she'll wear to the ball. Of course, it looks like she must already have an Instagram boyfriend who captured this candid photo for her. The artist managed to capture Cinderella's hopeful and dreamy personality without even showing her face. 

Aurora had a stunning landscape as her background when she lived in the woods with her fairy godmothers: Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. 

Gazing out at her palace, Aurora's stunning blonde waves flow in the wind. All the Disney princesses in their environments series is available to purchase in different-size prints from the artist at her Etsy Shop. Buy a few prints as inspiration for your next Instagrammable moment.