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Cinderella in real-life would need to go window shopping for dresses as opposed to having her fairy godmother make one appear out of thin air. 

Dressed in her everyday wear, Cinderella daydreams about what dress she'll wear to the ball. Of course, it looks like she must already have an Instagram boyfriend who captured this candid photo for her. The artist managed to capture Cinderella's hopeful and dreamy personality without even showing her face. 

Aurora had a stunning landscape as her background when she lived in the woods with her fairy godmothers: Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. 

Gazing out at her palace, Aurora's stunning blonde waves flow in the wind. All the Disney princesses in their environments series is available to purchase in different-size prints from the artist at her Etsy Shop. Buy a few prints as inspiration for your next Instagrammable moment.