Merida "Brave" / Chucky "Bride of Chucky"
photo: Walt Disney Studios / Universal Pictures

Everyone's putting the finishing touches on their Halloween costumes — even the Disney princesses.

One artist on Instagram, @nastya_kosyanova, imagined some of the classic Disney characters as horror movie ones, and the result was delightfully creepy. When the princesses are in their horror makeup and attire, the result is surprisingly accurate. 

Other interesting interpretations include scenes from historic paintings, Disney royalty in modern wedding gowns, and relatable versions of the always-perfect princesses. 

Cinderella is dreaming of eating brains as this stylish zombie. 

Cinderella looks like she just stepped off the runway in her normal attire, but her Halloween version is absolutely frightening. Her undead skin is porcelain white with a chunk of flesh missing on the left side of her mouth. With all of the Disney movie remakes, I'm surprised there isn't a horror version. 

Esmeralda is plotting the murder of high school students as the masked murderer in Scream

The normally peaceful and positive princess has a darker look this Halloween. Ghostface is the slasher-killer in this classic '80s horror movie, and Esmeralda takes on the role perfectly. "I love these so much!!!!" one fan commented. 

Rapunzel's massive eyes already fit the Tim Burton style in Corpse Bride. 

Rapunzel and Emily have a similar look, so this one wasn't a stretch. If the long-haired princess ever wanted to dress up for Halloween, this would be the most accurate costume. Her normal golden locks are dyed a shade of blue, and she wears a similar strapless wedding gown from the film.

Merida's bright red hair inspired her Chucky transformation. 

The artist painted similar scars onto Merida's freckled face to imagine her as the possessed doll. Plus, she wears the classic overalls, striped shirt, and holds a dagger. "I can def see the resemblance now with that hair," one person commented. 

Mulan looks like she just crawled out of the well as Samara Morgan, the scary little girl from The Ring.

Mulan sees her reflection in television screens as the frightening little girl who crawls out after people watch the haunted videotape. Her normally short bob haircut is long and stringy. Plus, she wears a dirty white nightgown just like in The Ring. 

Pocahontas paints with all the colors of her victims' blood as Billy the puppet from Saw

The creepy ventriloquist dummy meant to look like a scary clown is the face of the Saw movies. The films tortured kidnapped victims in an escape room–style location. Pocahontas looks dark and high-fashion in the scary version.

Jasmine is a beautiful La Calavera de la Catrina (a Día de los Muertos skeleton). 

Día de los Muertos takes place the day after Halloween on November 1. So Jasmine would be dressing up to celebrate the Day of the Dead, not Halloween — though the two are sometimes confused. The princess looks stunning in her crimson dress and flower crown, plus she's wearing the gorgeous classic skeleton makeup. 

Ariel is a high-fashion Pennywise in her clown minidress. 

The mermaid is wearing makeup to look like the blood-streaked lines coming down from Pennywise's face, and her cheeky grin looks just like the killer clown's. She's holding a bright red balloon, the signature prop. The princess looks ready to terrorize the kids of Derry in It or It: Chapter Two.