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Disney princesses might be the most popular inspiration for art on Instagram. 

Fans have re-created their favorite princesses into hilariously relatable versions, as modern-day brides, as classic works of art, or as beauty bloggers. There are endless ways to turn the already perfect princesses into new and inspired works of art. 

One artist, who goes by Muzenik on Instagram, posts her process for turning the Disney princess into artsy, sassy models with big bright eyes, high cheekbones, and full, glossy lips. Check out her work below. 

Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire

The artist captures Kida's expression from this scene perfectly. And she's even glowing, as if she's harnessing the power of the crystals aka the Heart of Atlantis. While the essence of the princesses come through in Muzenik's illustrations, they're totally remade to look fresh and Instagram-worthy.

Rapunzel from Tangled

This artist specializes in making their eyes tell an entirely new story. Each artwork features bright, glittering eyes on the princesses, which makes them look even more dreamy. Rapunzel looks like she's gazing up at the lanterns that were meant for her. 

Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Esmeralda, a gritty gypsy from Paris, already has a sassy outlook on life. Her expression in this Instagram art looks even bolder and spirited. Plus, I love the realistic eyebrows and curly waves the artist gave her. 

Anya from Anastasia

OK, so Anya aka Anastasia isn't a Disney princess, but she definitely qualifies as one of the princesses from our formative years. I love how the artist captured her vibrant curiosity in her bright blue eyes. The tip of her nose looks red from the icy Russian winter. 

Meg from Hercules

The artist captioned this post, "This was the toughest one so far ... I have been wanting to draw her for some time now, finally did it today:)" Even though they faced difficulty, I think it ultimately ended up capturing Megara's cheeky attitude and bright violet eyes. 

Mulan from Mulan

This image of Mulan is taken from a scene toward the end of the film when Mulan is sitting with her father under the Japanese cherry blossom tree. One person commented, "It's better than the original!" The artist is able to capture details of the character's face that the initial animation didn't quite get. 

Tiana from The Princess and the Frog

Princess Tiana looks perfectly frustrated in both images, but her emotion is captured so strongly in the Instagram art. Her golden eyes are piercing, and her jewels, crown, and dress are dazzling. I'd watch a remake of the film with this as the style of animation.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

The lighting in this artwork looks absolutely magical. The artist re-created the princess's hair perfectly in her recognizable half-up, half-down 'do. Plus, her big yellow ballgown is looking extra sparkly and voluptuous. 

Jasmine from Aladdin

Jasmine is another spirited princess who doesn't let the men in her life walk all over her. She is smart, driven, and always apprehensive when a new person comes into her life. I think this image captures that emotion from Jasmine as Aladdin comes swooping in on his magic carpet. 

Chel from El Dorado

Another non-princess character who shaped many millennials into the sassy women we are today is Chel. Chel knew exactly how to get what she wanted from Miguel and Tulio, and that was out of the golden city. This Instagram artist's style is perfectly matched to re-create the attitude of this driven character. 

Pocahontas from Pocahontas

While nothing is better than the original animation of all of the Disney movies, this updated take on Pocahontas is a very close second. The artist re-created a mood that the original animation was lacking from this stoic scene of the Native American princess. This is the second iteration of the character that the artist has designed, and they've clearly improved. 

Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

The artist showed off her meticulous process using different design and drawing apps to bring the princesses to life. Aurora has the same piercing eyes as other princesses in the collection. Check out the artist's YouTube channel for even more mesmerizing time-lapses or for inspiration in creating your own Instagram princess art.