Artistic fans are always imagining new ways to depict their favorite characters. Some have contorted the once beautiful Disney princesses' faces to resemble relatable ugly selfies, while others create hyper-realistic celebrity castings. With the announcement of Halle Bailey as the new Ariel, tons of fans used their artwork to show their support for the new live-action princess. 

One Instagram artist, a Russian illustrator who goes by the name Bessna, came up with a way to show off the princesses' wild sides as empowered biker chicks owning the road. 

Jasmine shreds on a dirt bike in the desert. 

The Sultan's daughter rips on a dusty desert surface in a bike that resembles Aladdin's magic carpet. Her turquoise puffy pants and crop top are featured with the addition of rad gold boots and a matching handkerchief to keep the dust from billowing into the mask of her helmet. The Disney princess's flowing black hair billows behind her as she makes a tight turn in the scene. 

Fiona flies down the road with Puss in Boots towing along in her sidecar. 

While Fiona isn't a Disney Princess, she is a welcome addition to the biker chick group. The princess-turned-ogre laughs as her husband's vigilante sidekick holds on for dear life. The artist swapped out Fiona's standard green velvet gown for an appropriate getup for the ride. 

Mulan perches on her Kawasaki H2 in a protective suit. 

Mulan just single-handedly saved China from the Hun warriors, and now she's taking a joy ride on an even faster steed. The artist illustrated the animated character in front of the Japanese cherry blossom tree at her home. The trailer for the live-action Mulan just dropped as well as a rumored release date, but the movie was given a few updates from the original animated version. 

Ariel is a part of the biker chick world, and she fits right in. 

Ariel is the ultimate daredevil stunt rider in this post. She pops a wheelie on the bike she calls "Flounder," according to the caption. "Ariel is enjoying of being a two legged human... She is a stunt rider and she calls her bike Flounder," the artist wrote. 

Elsa is ready to skid across the ice as the frosty ice queen she is. 

Elsa kicks up some snow beneath the back wheel on this blue Suzuki model. The artist pays close attention to detail as one fan noticed. "Are those Dainese Nexus boots?! Looooove the detail!!" the comment reads. 

Pocahontas and Meeko are one with the road on a classic ride.  

Pocahontas rides an Indian Scout on the vast American highways. The Chief's daughter and her raccoon sidekick road-trip together like the adventurous Disney character probably would if she existed today. One fan loved the emotion captured in this illustration, "This is awesome!! I love it! You’ve really captured the freedom that comes with riding," they wrote in the comments. 

Belle is the real beast on this hog. 

Belle is suited up in a leather jacket, boots, and a helmet adorned with her unorthodox prince charming, and, of course, a red rose. The illustration captures Belle's loner personality, making her perfect for the independent life of a cyclist.

The artist not only features princesses as biker chicks but also a few villains like Maleficent plus more non-Disney characters like Chel from El Dorado, Master Oogway from Kung Fu Panda, and Tzipporah from The Prince of Egypt