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Rapunzel later explains to Eugene that her rejection isn't personal. She's just not ready to get married yet.

And rather than have Eugene play the "pissed off rejected male" card, Disney actually has him apologize to Rapunzel for putting her on the spot.

"I don't quite understand why you said no, but I promise to do everything I can until I do," Eugene insists. 

Rapunzel proposal Eugene reaction
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Eugene wasn't the only character who proved to be kind and understanding — Rapunzel's mother supported her decision, too.

Rapunzel's mom
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Rapunzel rejected proposal
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Rapunzel’s mother realizes her daughter is simply not happy with her "happily ever after" and doesn’t force her to accept the proposal. Instead, she gives Rapunzel a book to record her adventures in.

Good job, Mom.

After years of following sexist tropes, Disney is finally doing its part to break down gender barriers and challenge the norms.

The network recently aired a same-sex kiss in a children's cartoon, and is now showing a princess forgoing marriage so she can accomplish her goals.

Keep it up, Disney — the more the entertainment industry shows LGBTQ couples and strong women shamelessly living their lives, the earlier young people will internalize these "groundbreaking situations" as normal.