Each Disney princess has her own distinct personality, and one artist on Instagram, Maria Lia Malandrino, turned those personalities into each of the 22 Major Arcana Tarot Cards, plus a few of the Minor Arcana cards as well. 

Visions of fortune tellers and crystal balls may come to mind when thinking about tarot, but they're also a fun way to connect with one's inner self. A tarot reading can guide people to make difficult decisions or become more in tune with their feelings. 

These Disney princess cards are an easy way to read tarot for fans of the franchise, because they already have an idea of what the princesses' personalities are like. The cards were for sale on the artist's Etsy page, but have been sold out for a few weeks. 

Jasmine is The Chariot

The Chariot is all about taking action and moving forward — and lucky for Jasmine, she has her own chariot in the form of the magic carpet ready to take her on her next adventure. The strong-willed princess was determined to find her own path, despite what her father had planned for her. 

Malandrino, the artist, took careful consideration and asked fans for input to make sure each princess fit the right card. 

Rapunzel is The Fool

The Fool symbolizes innocence and new beginnings, which is entirely what Rapunzel is about. The free-spirited princess was locked away in a tower all her life, but she starts a new adventure by taking a big risk. 

"The Fool tarot card is innocence, new beginnings, excitement and the thrill of being on an adventure … who better than Rapunzel can represent that?" the artist captioned her post on Instagram. 

Belle is The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man card is all about surrendering to a new experience and taking in the world with a new perspective. Of course, Belle has to completely surrender to the Beast when she sacrifices herself for her father, Maurice. While she does face some resistance at first, she ends up letting go of hesitation and falling in love. 

Mulan is Strength 

Obviously, Mulan has strength and is one of the most empowered princesses of all. The Strength card also symbolizes persuasion, which is something the warrior has to do in order to fit in with the horde of male soldiers. 

The artist shared her own personal attachment to the princess in the caption: "I remember I got the tape of this movie for my 9th birthday and I watched it so much the film is literally ruined in parts!" 

Malandrino continued, "To me it was amazing that there was a movie that was telling me it was ok to break all the rules and be a hero even if you were a girl, as long as you were resilient, brave, and strong enough to believe you could do it." 

Giselle is The Empress

A lesser-known princess, Giselle, played by Amy Adams in the live-action portion of the film, is the stereotypical feminine and nurturing princess. The Empress card has to do with abundance, nature, love, and beauty. Giselle comes into a new world, New York City, from her picturesque animated kingdom of Andalasia. The happy-go-lucky princess keeps that jovial spirit even in the perpetually angry city of Manhattan. 

Moana is Temperance

The Temperance card usually shows an angel with one foot on land and one in water. Who better to represent that card than the master of water herself, Moana? The card also represents purpose and patience, both of which the Polynesian princess definitely possesses. Moana has a journey, and knows exactly what she has to do to get there. 

Tiana is The Emperor

The opposite of Giselle's Empress is Tiana's Emperor, which represents determination, sustainability, and discipline. Tiana is quite possibly the hardest worker out of all the princesses, and has a steadfast determination to get what she wants — her own restaurant. Resistant to change at first, Tiana must go through an out-of-the-ordinary experience to shift her mindset of needing control. 

Kida is Justice

As one would expect, this card represents fairness and truth, two things that are incredibly important to Princess Kida, from Atlantis: The Lost Empire, who experienced a terrible tragedy at a young age, losing her mother and kingdom. 

The artist summed up why Kida should be the Justice card: "The fact that she was chosen by the crystal of Atlantis shows that she is a fair ruler and an exceptional human being, and the fact that she was able to see past the differences with Milo and the other explorers shows that she was willing to make the right choices for the good of her nation."

Ana and Elsa are The Lovers

Perhaps the truest depiction of love in any Disney movie is that between the bond of Elsa and Anna. The card represents harmony in relationships and an aligning of values, which is how Anna and Elsa come to be by the end of the film. The card also shows that love is healing, which is literally proven at the end of the movie when Elsa's love is what saves Anna from being encased in ice. 

Nala is The Sun

Malandrino imagined Nala, from The Lion King, in human form, and, of course, chose her as The Sun card. The card signifies life, positivity, optimism, and fun. All of those qualities are what draw Nala and Simba together, and what bring him back to his pride in the end. 

Ariel is The Moon

The Moon represents illusion and anxiety, but also a subconscious intuition. Ariel must go through a dark path to get to what she truly wants: to be a human with her one true love. Unfortunately, because of her fear of not being able to ask for what she wants, she seeks the help of Ursula and loses her voice. Ultimately, though, she gets a deeper understanding of what she really wanted and needed. 

Esmeralda is The Hierophant

When turned upright, this card represents religion and conformity; but upside down, it signifies challenging the status quo and pursuing one's own beliefs. Esmeralda fights for freedom and for the outcasts in a society that persecutes them. The gypsy princess has a deep understanding of true spirituality, as is evident in her song "God Help the Outcasts." 

The card also symbolizes becoming a spiritual guide, which, as the artist points out, Esmeralda is for Quasimodo. "I went with the latter meaning and picked Esmeralda, since she acts as a guide to Quasimodo in many ways and knows a lot more about the world," Malandrino writes.