Disney princesses are often some of our first beauty ideals. Many of us grew up wanting Ariel's hair and Cinderella's eyes before we even heard the term "unrealistic beauty standards."

Freelance illustrator Isabelle Staub says she recreates the Disney princesses to look "more realistic" — but does anyone else think Staub's digital paintings make these princesses look like total makeup queens? 

I mean, do you *see* those beauty blogger brows on Belle?

Isabelle Staub Disney Princess recreations
photo: Instagram/@isabelle_staub

Feathered to perfection.

Ariel could definitely film some hair tutorials.

Disney Princess reimagined
photo: Instagram/@isabelle_staub

Those lips — that highlight...

And Tiana's expertly blended plum eye shadow?

Disney princess recreations
photo: Instagram/@isabelle_staub

Mulan is DEFINITELY wearing Fenty Beauty on those cheekbones.

Snow White is ready to join Kat Von D's artistry collective.

I mean, Jasmine's highlight could blind a man.

Jasmine recreated by Isabelle Staub
photo: Instagram/@isabelle_staub

They look completely flawless, which is fair, considering how long each painting takes.

Staub told DesignTaxi that it takes her between eight and 12 hours to complete each masterpiece — ironically, the same amount of time it takes me to draw on my brows (just kidding). 

I wonder if Pocahontas got her pout from a Kylie Lip Kit?

Disney Princess reimaged by Isabelle Staub
photo: Instagram/@isabelle_staub

Kida from "Atlantis" could teach me everything she knows about lip gloss.

Esmeralda isn't *technically* a Disney princess — but just one look at her eye makeup and you'd easily forget that little detail.

Esmeralda recreation by Isabelle Staub
photo: Instagram/@isabelle_staub


Anastasia isn't even from the Disney pantheon, but she makes a seriously fierce grand duchess... of Instagram.

And Meg from "Hercules" may not be royalty, but with those brows, she's DEFINITELY a YouTube goddess-in-training.

Aurora has lashes for days — I need to know what mascara she's wearing!

Sleeping Beauty recreated by Isabelle Staub
photo: Instagram/@isabelle_staub

Her vlog name should definitely be @Sleeping_Beauty_Blogger, IMO. 

Nani from "Lilo and Stitch" has a glow you could see from SPACE.

Does she make skincare videos, or...

And the world needs to know what eyeliner Cinderella is wearing.

While Staub loves reimagining Disney princesses, the artist says she's actually ready to move onto the villains.

"I’m definitely ready to start a new series. Someone requested villains, which I think would be really cool," Staub told DesignTaxi. 

And we couldn't agree more. After all, it's common knowledge that Disney villains have the best evil makeup game of them all...