Earlier this week, Rihanna announced that a new batch of Fenty x Puma slides will be available for purchase starting Thursday.

Fans everywhere cheered in unison for the arrival of yet another piece of Rihanna-blessed clothing.

But I'm willing to bet *no one* is more excited for a Fenty drop than RiRi's most loyal followers: the Disney princesses.

An artist reimagined the Disney princesses wearing Rihanna's Fenty x Puma line — and immediately, fans deemed these royals the unofficial leaders of the Rihanna Navy.

Disney Princesses reimagined in Rihanna's Fenty x Puma clothing line
photo: Instagram/@briittoatila

Brazilian artist and unabashed Rihanna fan @briittoatila created this Fenty/Disney masterpiece, and it's too good. 

The princesses (and the token prince, Aladdin) are wearing Rihanna's fall line.

Jasmine, Snow White, and Ariel absolutely slay Rih's back-to-school collection.

(Seriously, Ariel should ditch the fins for good because those thigh-highs were basically made for her.)

Fenty x Puma quickly noticed the image and reposted the amazing creation on its account.

Issa squad. ???? @briittoatila #FENTYxPUMA #Fanart

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The Fenty x Puma seal of approval. 

But the Disney princess aren't just fans of Fenty x Puma; they love Fenty Beauty, too.

Disney Princess Tiana wearing Fenty Beauty
photo: Instagram/@briittoatila

Tiana clearly knows her way around a Fenty lip luminizer. 

Goes to show Rihanna thought of absolutely *everyone* when creating her fashion and beauty lines.

photo: Giphy

Disney princesses included.